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  1. Der Fleischer

    So what Starter Kit Scenario have you played recently?

    Since it says all units stacked with the Japanese 10-1 cannot take any action for the game turn, I suppose it is safe to assume (although assuming in ASL or ASL SK is generally not good) that the MMC cannot advance in the APh either.
  2. Der Fleischer

    Starter Kit Countermix

    Much like Patrick Ireland, I use 6 Plano boxes (1 for German, 1 for British, 1 for Russian, 1 for American, 1 for Italy and Minors, and 1 for Information Counters). I own all the ASL SK products that MMP has published and as such (I just received the PTO module) I will have to add another box...
  3. Der Fleischer

    Ideas for Starter Kits?

    I would love for the DTO to introduce itself to the ASL SK core system (ASL SK #5). Desert warfare brings with it a completely different scheme of maneuver with tank on tank battles. As a secondary interest, I would like to see Operation Husky (the invasion of Sicily) become the next ASL SK...
  4. Der Fleischer

    Snipers for ASLSK

    I find this an interesting post and had to comment from a military use of snipers perspective. Snipers do not randomly and exclusively kill key personnel and move, although that is one of their multiple missions they perform. One of the key roles of a sniper team is to perform reconnaissance...
  5. Der Fleischer

    So what Starter Kit Scenario have you played recently?

    I have not played any ASL SK games in a while and am getting the itch to play again on VASL. Is anyone interested in playing? I own all the ASL SK modules published by MMP (SK 1, SK2, SK3, SK4, Expansion Kit 1, Beyond the Beaches, and DaE). Please let me know. Paul
  6. Der Fleischer

    ASLSK#4 PTO is now up for pre-order on MMP's website

    Already ordered! Can’t wait to get it!
  7. Der Fleischer

    PTO ASLSK Status

    Is there anything new to report now? Last thread I saw mentioned the product coming out in early Fall 2018. Thanks in advance as I am anxiously awaiting this release.
  8. Der Fleischer

    New ASLSK map ideas (And your ASLSK favorite map)

    I think using current ASL boards is a convenient solution, but one that may have until unintended second and third order effects. Those boards were designed for ASL and all the bells and whistles that come with ASL (bypass, vehicle bypass, dashes, etc, etc, etc). As such, they may not be te best...
  9. Der Fleischer

    What boardgames have you played recently?

    Not sure if this one qualified or not, but Flames of War. I am not sure if it qualifies because it is essentially ASL with 15mm figures. Surpirsingly enough, many of the game mechanics are quite ASL-like. So, if that one does not count, I have played a few of the older SPI games recently...