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  1. Adrian_QLD

    VP/CVP counter

    found the The extension is called OBA_CVP_Aids_V1_2. If you want it you can download it from: created by General Mayhem Senior Member JoinedJun 21, 2007Messages1,718Reaction score306LocationTauntonCountry
  2. Adrian_QLD

    VASL Module for DZ: St. Mere-Eglise?

    I restarted Vassal and they appear in the drop down menu for me
  3. Adrian_QLD

    VASL Module for DZ: St. Mere-Eglise?

    cropping NE A1 to TT28 (1/2 hex) cropping SA and FA to B1 to TT28 (1/2 hex) is how I have managed to link them in VASL
  4. Adrian_QLD

    VASL Module for DZ: St. Mere-Eglise?

    ok thankyou
  5. Adrian_QLD

    VASL Module for DZ: St. Mere-Eglise?

    Correct me if i am doing something wrong but Board SA does not line up with correctly with the other 2 boards in VASL
  6. Adrian_QLD

    Armored Variant

    Hans Meliants tank files attached
  7. Adrian_QLD

    Landing Craft Cheat Sheets?

    VFTT21 has the flow chart
  8. Adrian_QLD

    Is it possible for an extension to add a button to the menu/bar of dice rolls buttons?

    I will be looking forward to this addition to VASL to enable me to keep track of my SASL games, due to a multitude of interruptions I get
  9. Adrian_QLD

    Boat Questions

    Rich Spilky play aids available on Texas ASL downloads have a couple of boat play aids Table 24a and b. if this would be helpful
  10. Adrian_QLD

    Activation Check Counters

    Thank you for adding in the other nationalities. yes i would like the counters for the A1, A2, x1 charts, and AC DRMS please
  11. Adrian_QLD

    Activation Check Counters

    Hi Walter Thank you for this check counter, I am learning SASL and have found it very easy to use helping me with the S counter activation. Is it easily possible to add a counter for the french please. Thank you Adrian
  12. Adrian_QLD

    board generation post-board 44 please help

    Hi Peter The last link that I know of Adrian
  13. Adrian_QLD

    ASOP With Filters

    Texas ASL has an HTML version with filters ASL Electronic Advanced Sequence of Play The ASOP in html form by Ole Boe