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    Looking to get back into CM need an opponent!

    Thanks! Games filled.
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    Looking to get back into CM need an opponent!

    It has been a while since I have played any Combat Mission. Recently re-installed and wanted to relive the glory days. Anyone interested in a couple of scenarios or QBs? Jason
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    Looking for a game of Shiloh

    Are you still looking for a game? I just got Shiloh and am learning the system, but would like to try a pbem battle. Jason (Dazooz)
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    I'm convinced.

    Heh...yeah, I wish it were that easy. 1 income family with 2 kids under 3 forces me to be careful with finances. Never fear though, it will be purchased at some point in the near future! :)
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    I'm convinced.

    Okay, after reading some of the recent AARs and trying out the demo (thank you by the way for the demo, that's how games should be sold!) I am convinced that I would greatly enjoy this game. I will probably have to wait for Christmas, but this will be my next wargame purchase! Well...
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    Best War Game?

    Combat Mission series HPS Squad Battles series and SPWAW Also enjoy a game of Korsun Pocket occasionally, but am more of a tactical player. Hmmmm...I tried Airborne Assault (before it became Highway to the Reich) and was not overly impressed. It felt too distant, as if I had very...
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    Wanted BOB/BTR

    I have BOB. Do you have anything to trade?
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    Wargames for trade or sale.

    Added Airborne Assault.
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    Wargames for trade or sale.

    Added SC.
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    Wargames for trade or sale.

    Added 2.
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    Need TOAW-ACOW in Ontario

    email me Zhukov.
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    Wargames for trade or sale.

    These are all still available.
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    Where can I get a copy of World at War by Talonsoft?

    I have Europe and Flames and Rising Sun Gold that I would be willing to part with. Send me an email if interested.
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    101 Airborne copies for sale/trade out there?

    Saw one on ebay right now.
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    Wargames for trade or sale.

    Battleground 1: Bulge Talonsoft: Battle of Britain (the strategy game) Strategy First's Waterloo (with manual)
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    Games for trade or sale...

    How much for Russo-German War?
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    Need SPWAW Icon

    Thanks Mike! Appreciate that assistance!
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    Need SPWAW Icon

    Can someone email me a copy of Icon0240.shp from the SHP folder? I installed a mod and failed to back it up! :crosseye: thanks,
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    Tigers on the Prowl/Panthers in the shadows/Panzer Campaigns?

    There is a copy of Tigers on the Prowl available on ebay right now!
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    Newbie looking for first PBEM.

    Thanks for the offer, I'll just start with 1 at a time though.