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  1. Steve E7

    Board 25e

    Perfect, thanks! A local ASL'r had a copy of the new HL and I saw this map 25e, was wowed by the artwork. But I'll stick with my old Bd 25+ overlay for now.
  2. Steve E7

    Board 25e

    I do not own Hollow Legions, 3rd Edition. If I see a scenario card ( ie. RPT197 ) that calls out for board 25e, is this just the same as my Board 25 with the escarpment overlay? Thank you.
  3. Steve E7

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Action Pack 18 and Rally Point Volume 20: The Italian Army in World War II. Highly recommend both products, excellent combination of scenarios.
  4. Steve E7

    FrF31 Pursuing Frank SSR

    Thank you Scott, at least 15 years ago. I appreciate the answer, we will play with the BoF SSR wording. Makes sense.
  5. Steve E7

    FrF31 Pursuing Frank SSR

    FrF31 contains this wording in an SSR Use Partisan counters and vehicular note (Allied Minor Vehicular Note 34) for the Russian M3A1 SC(a). Their Passengers are 2-4-8 HS. There is a 9-1 infantry leader in the OOB , along with the M3A1 SC(a)'s. Puzzled as to the reference to the Partisan...
  6. Steve E7

    Any news on Sparrow Force VASL Map?

    Any news on the map availability?
  7. Steve E7

    Question about use of older modules (Avalon Hill)

    You will be just fine with those AH products as you get back into ASL. What you will find is scenarios have changed quite a bit from then. Find yourself a recent MMP Journal where you can play quite a few scenarios with those nationalities and that will keep you plenty busy.
  8. Steve E7

    Auto downloading boards

    Since auto downloading began several VASL versions ago, I find myself wondering if the map for a newly released ASL product has been downloaded to my machine and available for play. There are a lot of maps in the picker, it is hard to tell if a new one appears. This is especially true if I don't...
  9. Steve E7

    Text not appearing

    I cannot remember which one, but an extension I had loaded was causing this issue for me. I removed it, and it was fixed. One of the dice extensions I think.
  10. Steve E7

    Yet Another Manila question

    I'm playing CGIV as the US. Forgo the Recon as maybe its just better not to know what hidden tricks the Japanese have waiting? Just cx'ing my 666 squad into that empty rubble hex, what could go wrong? :).
  11. Steve E7

    Official Manila errata, aka The Manila Envelope

    Hi, thanks for the replies. I agree as well what the intent is, makes no sense for a depleted group to have more. All good. Your feedback is appreciated. Still, created some back and forth discussion with my IJA opponent, I may drop MMP a note regarding it, as its most likely a typo/error in the...
  12. Steve E7

    Official Manila errata, aka The Manila Envelope

    Looking at the US RG groups V2 and V3. Are more AFV's granted those RG groups if they are depleted? The number to the right of the slash is bigger than that to the left, on the right hand side of the semicolon No US or IJA RG group expressed in this manner with the two components is shown this way
  13. Steve E7

    Manila questions

    Thanks for the thoughts, agree 100%
  14. Steve E7

    Manila questions

    Hello, yes .. they are not retained into the next CG date. A downside to buying them. Is that what you are pointing out?
  15. Steve E7

    Manila questions

    LVT4's seem to be a nice option to purchase in the CG's. There not being a Seaborne Assault, I see no rule causing their recall once they move to Hinterland, or unload. I'm thinking pro's to using them are, they can serve as halftracks, moving troops around quickly, and then eventually can be...
  16. Steve E7

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Began thinking about my initial US Purchases in CGIV of S&F
  17. Steve E7

    Human wave counters in which module?

    I'm remembering them being in Doomed Battalions
  18. Steve E7

    ASL Journal 13 now available

    Anybody have more background on the J13 cover art? It is described in the intro to the magazine as minefield clearing at El-Alamein and the creator of the art is referenced - I swore there was a gas attack going on as one looks at it. The choice of art for ASL products is always interesting.
  19. Steve E7

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    AP187 Home by Christmas Korea, November 1950. The GI's still think they will be home by Christmas, but the Chinese have other plans. When the CPVA 38th Army attacks, it is up to the 1st Cav to clear a road for the retreat. The GI's attack the length of board 81/80 in this scenario, with...
  20. Steve E7

    Fox Company at Toktong Pass VASL Map issue.

    I had this problem , just dug through some old emails and found this, I think this is what I did to fix the issue Download it - Unzip it - bdfh Rename it to bdFH Put that in my map folder