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    All members please take a moment and update your profile information

    There are several new areas which members can update via the "Account Details" link. These include information about your gaming preferences and favorite games. This helps us better tailor the site to the needs of the membership. Please take a few seconds and update your profile options.
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    Changes to avatar policy

    As part of the update to the Community Code of Conduct, you will note the following additions to the avatar policy: The first one is self-explanatory. In the interest of keeping the politics limited to the political forum, the use of overtly political avatars is frowned upon. Second, think...
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    'Likes' have now been replaced by 'Reactions'

    The old likes system has been retired. In its place the forums now have a more powerful system where users can react to posts with a number of different emotions. Some of these have a positive connotation, some negative, and some neutral. Like: +1 Love: +2 HaHa: Neutral Wow: Neutral Sad...
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    Additional smilies (emojies) are now available

    With the upcoming v2.1 update, the number of available smilies will be greatly increased, allowing members more options to spice up their posts. But, we're not quite done with smilies, just yet... :cool: That's right, we now show you emoji and smilie suggestions as you type. Often this can...
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    'Likes' have now been replaced by 'Reactions'

    With the upcoming update to v2.1, the likes system will be replaced by a more powerful system called 'Reactions.' Expect to see the reactions system within the next 1-2 weeks.
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    Community Code of Conduct and Terms of Use

    FAQ What are bans? Members who violate the forum rules risk having their posting privileges suspended. We don't want to see anyone get banned, but we will do it for serious violations of the forum rules. We reserve the right to modify, delete, or suspend your account at our sole and...
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    Community Code of Conduct and Terms of Use

    User Agreement and Terms of Service By registering for the GameSquad forums you agree to be bound by this User Agreement. The following forum rules are part of the Terms of Service and you agree to follow these rules at all times on the forums. The GameSquad forums are a moderated forum...
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    looking for game as germans

    looking for medium game as germans I'd like to use the rules limit to light and mediums February 42
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    Tournaments starting or schedule??

    Are any CMBB tournaments starting or scheduled?? I'm new to ladder here and would like some experience, so please send me an email if you wanna play me and we can discuss a battle setup.
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    SPWAW mega-campaigns

    I'm looking for SPWAW mega-campaigns (all but the pacific theater), so if anyone has one and is willing to trade, selll or give away :D , i might be interested. Got Korsun pocket that i'm not playing also...