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    Opponent Wanted

    If you don't have any luck finding someone, try over here: They have a gaming ladder which is very popular. Good Luck
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    The best sci-fi movie ever made?

    Them! War Of The Worlds
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    Looking for my 1st game

    SnowBlue, I just sent you a email wecky, I just sent you a PM!
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    PBEM Gettysburg & Peninsula

    Big Ed, Yes I am. I'm flexible w/ optional rules also. For me, a small to medium sized game with turns, would be better, right now. I'm not sure if a campaign would be too much "trouble" for me to handle, while I'm trying to learn everything. I have no preference on sides (north or...
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    PBEM Gettysburg & Peninsula

    Anyone interested in a PBEM game against a newbie, who is trying to learn tactics and the game system? I’m looking for someone to help show me the ropes, who would be willing to offer pointers and suggestions, and answer any questions that may arise. Depending on work, I could make 3-4...