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  1. Thomas Marshall

    ASL Bell Tolls

    What a class act of a gentleman! He and I were ASL PBEM opponents for about a year until he announced he was flying to Chicago for business and we arranged to meet for breakfast at his hotel. We also decided that to avoid shipping costs to the UK, he reimbursed me for a copy of Rising Sun that...
  2. Thomas Marshall

    Starter kit #4 - Bounding fire counters missing?

    It’s an oversight… (flip some of your Prep Fire Counters over. 😉)
  3. Thomas Marshall

    Books: What are you currently reading?

    AMEN (re: Tower of Skulls)!!
  4. Thomas Marshall

    Assault Engi's in Scenario B, The Tractor Works?

    Robin, a couple of years ago you answered a question about this aspect of the Tractor Works scenario by indicating the AEs had a smoke exponent of 5. I agree with your and Chris’ interpretation here in this thread and that’s how I’ve played - although I’m only this year coming back to Full ASL...
  5. Thomas Marshall

    I think I did Too Good a Job

    What’ll he charge me for lessons?
  6. Thomas Marshall

    Lesson 18 - Scenario Info Table Generator!

    Outstanding effort for all our benefit. Thanks, Neal.
  7. Thomas Marshall

    Electronic ASL Rulebook Now on Sale!!

    Nor do I. I’m current using FoxIt on my iOS devices and there are some minor issues, as others have noted. Very functional, though.
  8. Thomas Marshall

    Electronic ASL Rulebook Now on Sale!!

    I may be mistaken but I think he may have been referring to using Okular on his laptop rather than an iPad.
  9. Thomas Marshall

    #38: Monastir Gap

    The hell with the carpet; why has Martin been exiled to a hallway between the kitchen and the stairway to the second floor? And in this episode the kitchen door’s been slammed shut to him! Another terrific episode, gentlemen. I wasn’t initially sure about the “Losing” topic, but it turned out...
  10. Thomas Marshall

    My top ASL tip

    The best ASL podcast, hands down. Your appearance on this last episode was terrific. Hope you’ll agree to more guest appearances; very enjoyable and, as I’m a full ASL player of only a year, very informatIve.
  11. Thomas Marshall

    Books: What are you currently reading?

    Superb. My favorite modern “Ancients” author.
  12. Thomas Marshall

    ASL Annuals in PDF format

    I had half of the original publications but bought the bundle anyway. My PBEM partner and I are in the middle of my first (ever) Red Factories CG, and I’ve already face-palmed my forehead with a “If only I’d read this before I started” after reading one article. And my “senior eyesight” thanks...
  13. Thomas Marshall

    Published in English for the first time - Stalingrad by Vasily Grossman review – one of the great novels of the 20th century.

    Life and Fate is the sequel. Grossman published the first version of Stalingrad in 1952, and it was reissued in a slightly revised version in 1956, after Stalin had died. His manuscript of Life and Fate was "arrested" by the KGB in 1960, and was of course eventually published after Grossman's death.
  14. Thomas Marshall

    Intensive Fire and Residual FP

    In two different sections of my Decision at Elst rule book (my operative RB for all SK games) I wrote - and then highlighted in yellow marker - “No Resid—>Intens Fire”. Knowing me, I would make that kind of annotation for only 2 reasons: either I saw it confirmed online on a forum from what I...
  15. Thomas Marshall

    Anybody have a tutorial for ASL Tactics

    Advice: Don't take as gospel any advice that states an absolute such as "Don't Stack." There are no absolutes in ASL. More useful advice with regard to stacking is "Don't stack, unless it is the right time (often early in the scenario...and then later to exploit an opening) and right...