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    FB6 Came Tumbling After

    My opponent and I have been working our way through the Festung Budapest scenarios and just played this one last night, boy was it a dog and I feel really bad for him (he is playing the Hungarian side through each scenario) as the last few scenarios including this one have been really...
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    Advanced Squad Leader Hall of Fame

    How can you forget or omit Klas ?!, Im sure hes looking for a Q&A as we speak :)
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    Precision Dice

    One word ... Battleschool, I have bought so many dice from them, professional looking dice that simply look awesome when being used.
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    Chess clock in tournament

    I once waited 40 mins for my opponent to simply decide in his mind what he was going to do in his turn. I think he tried to plan the entire turn from Rally to CC all in his mind and I ended up just sitting opposite him watching .... This was in a casual game day but I still annoyed, in a...
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    Battle Hardening Choice

    You can pass on the battle hardening though, so in that case I would have opted to not take the battle hardening. For example, sometimes you might not wish to accept battle hardening if you think you are about to be captured etc. /edit Oops I should have read on before responding, it appears...
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    ASL producers I will never play or buy from again.

    Hmm is there a chance that his account has been compromised and someone is running amok until he can change the password?, just seems uncharacteristic thats all.
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    AP75 - Gabriel's Horn

    Thanks mate ! =)
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    AP75 - Gabriel's Horn

    Hey, would anyone happen to have a VASL Setup file for this scenario?, I am not sure how to get boards to go vertically...
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    spoogbob I hope you die a horrible death

    When he is on next, grab his IP address and send it through to me. I will tell you who it is.
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    Game testers wanted

    Hey Oberst, I play against a couple of regular opponents each week, Im sure we would all love to playtest your scenarios.
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    Red Barricades CG III...........Once more into the Breach!

    Would you happen to have a copy of the leaflet rules?
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    A7.7 Encircled?

    Only D would qualify for encirclement.
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    dice tower made out of ASL boards

    I will take 2 if you can ship to Oz :)
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    ASL17 Lost Opportunities (return match)

    Heya, are you playing a different scenario card, ie has it been updated or errata added?, I am about to play this one too but the VC says that its an immediate win once the Germans control 4 buildings on Board 1, you mentioned that at one stage you had 6 buildings?
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    ASL 4 Commissars House - What to do with trenches?

    LOL thanks everyone :), I *think* I have already implemented some of your suggestions JR so will check later. Thanks everyone for confirming my general suspicions though :)
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    ASL 4 Commissars House - What to do with trenches?

    Hey All, im thinking we have been playing trenches wrong or they are the booby prize for this scenario. I have been given 6 x trenches but as per the trench rule - you cannot place a trench on a paved road then it really does not leave many options for trenches on this map? Any advice?
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    J182 Belgium Blitzkrieg

    Thanks Klas :) im about to play this scenario too !: )
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    J182 Belgium Blitzkrieg

    Actually, shouldnt there only be 2 x drifting smoke, A24.4 states that in a mild breeze terrain/wreck blazes are a level two hindrance. [EXC: in a mild breeze it is a two level LOS Hindrance]
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    Question on Pursuit Mission (again!)

    SASL Mission 15 (Pursuit): bullet two of the "S? Placement/Exit" instructions, replace "or" with "of", so that it reads: "one in each road hex west of the Road Network bridge or, if the bridge is part of a predominantly east-west road (i.e., a non-Road Network road), on the EBE side of the...
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    Last Week to order Blood & Jungle and CoS at lowest price

    Hey Sam, apologies, should be under Steve Bond, Jimboomba, Australia.