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  1. Honvik

    Death To Fascism - 2 Pack (Not One Step Back!) will launch at ASLOK 2021

    Wait is it not something we buy direct anyway :). Well of course we would be interested in getting it :) we are of course UK based but hit me up via PM and maybe it is something we can arrange? Thanks Phil Second Chance Games
  2. Honvik

    Hollow Legions 3.0 preorder

    our numbers for pre-orders keep going up too :) glad to server the ASL community. Phil Second Chance Games
  3. Honvik

    Prokhorovka module progress?

    Its certainly shaping up nicely.
  4. Honvik

    The Steelworks: Colombelles, France

    Just for info. We have received our shipment for the next fantastic pack from LCP. It can now be found on our site plus all the various older titles. Cheers Phil
  5. Honvik

    Nor'Easter pack II

    Fly that plane quicker! I can see the DHL update and hopefully arrives tomorrow :)
  6. Honvik

    Nor'easter Pack II

    Arriving with us this week :) never normally takes this long to arrive with us but its landed in the UK. Phil
  7. Honvik

    OT - Who else publishes war games similar to MMP?

    For tactical you do have Flying Pig Games and Lock N Load Publishing!
  8. Honvik

    International MMP Vendors

    Glad to see us on the list. Cannot beat our range of ASL goodies! Phil Second Chance Games
  9. Honvik

    Third Winter

    We have this up for pre-order and counts towards pre-order number! WW2 : The Third Winter: The Battle for the Ukraine September 1943 - April 1944 (
  10. Honvik

    New teaser on the MMP Facebook page

    Shiny! already got heaps of pre-orders for it. Phil
  11. Honvik

    SL Expansion Pack 1 2nd Edition Available

    And plenty of stock we have of it! Phil
  12. Honvik

    Swedish Volunteers?

    We are getting some copies now :). Should be here within the week hopefully! Thanks Phil
  13. Honvik

    Rising Sun Reprint

    We added it for pre-order on our site for UK/EU customers at least an option. Cheers Phil
  14. Honvik

    For King & Country reprint

    Better to have a perfect product than one flawed. Glad you found it and its getting fixed!
  15. Honvik

    Roma 2020?

    We just got ours into stock :) Thanks
  16. Honvik

    Swedish Volunteers?

    Still hopeful we can get our hands on some for our loyal customers! Phil
  17. Honvik


    Yay welcome back. Cannot wait for our big restock order veing sent :) Phil
  18. Honvik

    Stock Arriving this week! yepee!

    Over at Second Chance Games our stock is arriving this week. We were happy to support another independent group bringing more content. Phil
  19. Honvik

    Rat Pocket Charts v3

    We have ours up for sale now over at Second Chance Games We have gone for the full all inclusive option for now. Phil
  20. Honvik

    How to order?

    Gamers Armoury from what I understand is the US distributer :) We over the pond are UK's Enjoy!