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    AAR Team Sposito

    Hi guys, I was wondering, for this scenario, why were the Apaches included? This seams to really balance the scenario in blue's favor as red has a very tight time-limit and blue has total air superiority. (OK red has a couple of anti-air infantry.) Is this just a scenario that needs a bit...
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    Battle of the Garagiola River

    I NEED THAT MAP!!! lol! No wonder it's in a TDG... BTW you mentioned that was only a section; is the full map ready and you are just playtesting on that area? Or does the other area still need drawing/terrain coding? Awesome work, keep it up! Ben
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    Betio scenario?

    Much appreciated, thanks! RL in the way for a couple of weeks however but look forward to running it ASAP. So if you don't hear back for a while it's not because I don't like it!
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    Betio scenario?

    Hello, I'm much enjoying sandboxing with the WW2 units (typical scenario of the French Army/Resistance blowing a bridge on one side of the map, to prevent the Germans reinforcing a beach being invaded by Brits/US on the other side; with the additional paras here and there)… Anyway I was...
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    Tactical Decision Game Scenarios

    Thanks Thanks for the link and info... I'm going through them now :D . I've also ordered Maj John F. Schmitt's "Mastering Tactics", a workbook of 15 TDGs. If this doesn't kick-start some good TacOps scenario ideas, I don't know what will!