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    CONSCRIPTS! 2024: April 26th-28th in Grosseibstadt, Bavaria, Germany

    Hope to attend, and meet Kris , Paul, Daniel , Christian and the others, especially my friend that I did have a great scenario at Grenadier with. I do particulary like the no preparation format of Conscripts and encourage it. Hope to find a good train connection or a Autobahn if need be...

    GRENADIER´23: ASL Tournament, Germany, 02.11.-05.11.2023

    Thanks to the personal efforts of Michael Koch the tournament has been revived. Thank You , Michael. Coming back to ASL, preparing the scenarios and attending the event felt like being cast back into 2008. After the fateful break it was more important to meet old comrades and new people. The...

    GRENADIER´23: ASL Tournament, Germany, 02.11.-05.11.2023

    Good idea to make this tournament in my home town. I plan to attend.

    GRENADIER´17 ASL Tournament, Germany, 01.11.-05.11.2017

    Folks I can reassure the well known fact, that ASL players are very honest. As I thought someone took my stuff by mistake. I will receive them back. Some good player will arrange an armored column through the Sowjetzone to my Headquarters. Take care

    GRENADIER´17 ASL Tournament, Germany, 01.11.-05.11.2017

    Hi friends, I, Christian Herde, took part in the tournament. When I try to collect my playing equipment to leave the event, I missed most of my playing equipment. It is probable that other participants in their hurry to leave took my box by mistake. The box is light green and black, is used...

    GRENADIER´16 ASL Tournament, Germany, 02.11.16-06.11.16 He is looking forward for next years Grenadier. Just to try my copy and paste skill?How to make this GIF active in the forum display? Tech tips welcome.

    GRENADIER´16 ASL Tournament, Germany, 02.11.16-06.11.16

    On the website the date for next years Grenadier Tounament is set to 01.11.2017 - 05.11.2017, that is the first five days in November. I am sure the Bader Brothers will bring another generation from their well-received Grenabier, which is crafted by themselves. Do some...

    schön, schlau und bescheiden

    schön, schlau und bescheiden

    GRENADIER´16 ASL Tournament, Germany, 02.11.16-06.11.16

    Grats to Chris Mazzei. I tied him in the first match. I hope he teaches me Twilight struggle on Teamspeak3 and VASSAL. It was again a very good event and I regret in hindsight doing not the tournament gaming in 2014 to 2016. Next Years Grenadier is announced by Michael Koch himself. IIRC it...
  10. CHERDE

    D 3.3 + A 8.1 BFF vs. DFF

    CHERDE ASKED > Question:TOPIC: DFF vs. BFF - who shoots first > > This is the relevant wording in D 3.3: > > \"The DEFENDER can intervene to attempt DFF after the announcement of > expenditure of any MP (even Delay MP), but must do so before the > announcement of > the next MP expenditure...
  11. CHERDE

    A 14 and A 20 Sniper Guard Prisoner RS

    :cheeky: My guard squad and an enemy prisoner HS are in a Location. The Sniper of the enemy attacks this Location. Has RS to be rolled? Or is the guard automatically the target?
  12. CHERDE

    (A 4.3) Bypass and board edge

    Hi u 2 goood question the tricky question is if it is a half-hex or a full hex! if it is a full hex IMHO you can use Bypass on all six hexsides if it is a half hex IMHO you cannot use Bypass along the board edge, because it does not constitute a hexside you can use Bypass along...
  13. CHERDE

    Wall TEM/bypass question

    We should try to elaborate a ready solution for this issue. The thread in PERRY SEZ is not satisfiing, nor are the rules. The EX from A 4 .34 and A 8.15 (? - NRBH) are good clues to solve the question. As far as now I fully agree...
  14. CHERDE

    ASL 101: IFP, SW, and DFPh

    Try to ask Ole Boe where to find his great Defensive Fire Flowchart. It is "somewhere" in the web.
  15. CHERDE

    Building Control on Board 4

    B.1 rules that it is a seperate building think of a SSR definig it as having a cellar and a 1st level and you have the typical German rowhouse (home of 3-5 P family, cost depending on location 150-350 T€). The small houses are great for saving heating energy, avoiding climatic catastrophe...
  16. CHERDE

    A4.12 Leader Bonus

    The movement you propose would be illegal because of A 4.12 You could make a near-similar move by invoking A 4.2 - but that would require the 447 declaring CX also from at start of the move.
  17. CHERDE

    building and walls

    Maybe you reminded to C 13.8 - ie. declaring opportunity fire.
  18. CHERDE

    (ASLSK) 3.5 - Assault Fire & 3.3 Smoke

    sorry no ASLSK handy You move the three syouads as a combined stack (ASLRB A 4.2). You designate their smoke laying action simultaneously by unit and smoke hex and MF (last sentence of the mentioned rule). Then you role the three dice simultaneously, place he smoke (if any) and the...
  19. CHERDE

    (ASLSK) 3.5 - Assault Fire & 3.3 Smoke

    The three squads give 12 FP
  20. CHERDE

    CC Rule Question

    1)I fully agree with Ole. 2)There is a good thread to the related topic of Field promotion (A 18.12) featuring the US and the Japanese. 3)Be careful not to mix up A 11.22 with A 11.41. In journal #4 pg. 11 1st column the author of "The fine art of bushwackin" IMHO made this mistake. 4)...