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  1. Jon

    Cloaking Loss

    Hi all some questions on Cloaking loss at Night. Relevant rules sections E1.4 "A Cloaking counter...has all the characteristics of a "?" plus certain special benefits. ... All rules pertaining to "?" apply to Cloaking counters except as specified otherwise herein." E1.43 LOSS: Cloaked status is...
  2. Jon

    Problem posting for a Perry Sez

    Hi I sent some questions off for a Perry Sez to I got the following back from saying message was undeliverable: Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups: Your message couldn't be delivered. Despite repeated attempts to...
  3. Jon

    Another Night Cloaking counter question

    Hi Question has arisen regarding Cloaking counters Deployment (and other actions) E1.4 says all rules pertaining to "?" counters apply to Cloaked counters except as specified. E1.43 says Cloaking is lost, and replaced by its unconcealed contents for any situation that would cause "?" loss at...
  4. Jon

    E.4, E1.53, E1.55 and E1.6-1.63: MST and Lax/Normal Stealthy

    Hi Trying to wrap my head around Majority Squad type and its interface with Straying, Jitter Fire and Ambush Playing the Initial Night Scenario of the Edson Ridge Campaign game. The US is the Scenario Defender and the Japanese is the Scenario Attacker (and thus has cloaking counters) By the...
  5. Jon

    OBA: Correcting a SR question: Conflict between rules C1.3-C1.4 and OBA Flowchart?

    Hi A Player with OBA begins their PFPh with a SR on board. They maintain Radio Contact (and have Battery Access). Theyhave a LOS to the Blast Height and wish to Correct (but not Convert) the SR. Following the OBA Flow Chart "Converting and/or Correcting a SR", they pace an AR within 18 hexes...
  6. Jon

    Another Edson's Ridge CG question

    Hi In the Edson Ridge CG, in the Initial Scenario, the initial American OB contains a 100+mm OBA Module with Normal Ammunition and one Pre-Reg Hex. The US Player can also purchase more OBA, namely RG O1 which is another module of 100mm OBA. Ig the US purchases this OBA RG, does it come with...
  7. Jon

    Edson's Ridge CG "Bloody Ridge" questions

    Hi 1) In the Edson's Ridge (ER) SSR, ER7 states Raider units (including leaders) are Stealthy. The US Initial CG OB has an 8-1 and an 8-0 leader. However it doesn't specify if these 2 leaders are Raider or Para-Marine. Is there errata or a way to determine if these two leaders can be deemed as...
  8. Jon

    Pegasus Bridge Campaign Game 1: German Gun question

    Hi In PB GG 1 "Coup de Main", the German 50l AT is emplaced but unpossessed at start as per Initial SSR I-2 Is the German player able to attempt recovery of the Gun in the Rally Phase of British turn 1? I see nothing to prevent it but its seems almost pointless to have the SSR. Thoughts...
  9. Jon

    Pillbox and HIP

    Hi Situation: DEFENDER also has a Pillbox A pillbox Location is Concealment Terrain (B30.7) By B30.7, if a Pillbox sets up hidden, so do its contents By SSR, no Fortifications are allowed to set up HIP Also by SSR, the DEFENDER is allowed to setup a number of un its HIP So which is of the...
  10. Jon

    Final protective fire vs CE AFV

    The +2CE is a DRM but it is not a TEM. So it has to pass just a normal PTC to use FPF Cheers Jon
  11. Jon

    Some SASL rules questions

    S6.1 , last 2 lines and the Priority List following seems to suggest that separate Action DRs would be made. "If a Location has multiple units that must have separate Actions determined, use the following to determine the order:"
  12. Jon

    Some SASL rules questions

    Hi I've been giving SASL a try out over the holiday period. Some random questions I have are: 1) ENEMY S? will prevent Friendly units gaining concealment as they are considered a Good Order unbroken Enemy unit (S3.1). However, do ENEMY S? cause Friendly units to lose concealment? Or does a S...
  13. Jon

    Favorite SSR or the one you'd like to see:

    Should be in any rewrite of of A20.5 "Guards may not move in any way that decreases the range to an enemy unit"
  14. Jon

    LOS Issue Boards 43 48

    It should be +2 Hindrances, +1 for Grain in C8 and then +1 for either C9 orchard or D8 grain You don't count both C9 and D8 because both hexes are 3 hex range from the firer in 43DD9. See A6.7 last two sentences and the example Cheers Jon
  15. Jon

    B13.41 VCA change on a woods-road hex

    The image in my OP is from the Crossing the Moro map. That's what we were playing this week when the question arose. I find it ludicrous that the cost to change VCA if a vehicle is in woods to be 2MP, but it costs 4MP to change VCA in a woods-road if done across a non-road hexside, especially...
  16. Jon

    B13.41 VCA change on a woods-road hex

    Hi See above image. The BU German AFV is moving along the road. It enters V21 for 1MP. Its VCA is now at W20-W21. It then changes VCA one spine counter-clockwise, so that its VCA moves to V20-W20. What is the MP cost for this VCA change? I believe it is 2MP, as per B13.41 "All MP penalties...
  17. Jon

    Question on the 37 FlaK/Pz IV (Moebelwagen) - German Vehicle Note 85

    Hi Just played J140 "All Down the Line" German Vehicle Note 85 says this vehicle can Flip between its Moving and Firing sides "only with its crew CE, and only during a fire phase in which the vehicle does not enter a new hex and as if were a Gun being unlimbered (C10.21-.22)" The Index...
  18. Jon

    Acquisition to crest status of a gully

    Hi In the image below, the German in C1 is IN the Gully Location. The British unit with mortar in B8 has no LOS INTO the gully As per the following Perry Sez, the British unit may fire as the crest level (Part B in the Perry Sez) A2.8, A6.3, & B20.9 May a unit fire at a Depression hex if they...
  19. Jon

    Board 50 - hexes K1 and AA10: Stream or Open Ground?

    Hi Hexes 50K1 and 50AA10. Stream or Open Ground? I say that as B20.1 is written, they are Open Ground hexes. Opinions please as scenario setup may depend on it :) Cheers Jon
  20. Jon

    C1.3 OBA and placing an AR

    Hi Assume an observer gains radio contact and battery access in his PFPh. MUST he then place an AR in that phase? C1.2 says if you gain/maintain radio contact you MUST attempt to gain Battery access in no SR/FFE counter is on board C1.3 says having gained radio contact and battery access you...