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  1. Damon

    PBEM CG Wanted

    2-3 mailing per week. RB, Hatten, VOTG, FB or anything else you have in mind.... drop me a line at -Damon
  2. Damon

    VASL Live - Sat 8/12

    Header says it all - lurking in VASL today. :)
  3. Damon

    scrub & candelabra trees

  4. Damon

    scrub & candelabra trees

    When the rule for 13.7 Candelabra trees is in effect, do the effects of 'scrub' (namely, bog and more mps) go away?
  5. Damon

    Game in August?

    Still looking for some evening EST VASL play in August... most any reasonable scen is fine. Lurking in VASL or D
  6. Damon

    Opponent for J193

    Anyone into Raff's Rules, J193? PBEM or live VASL. (ROAR Germ 49, AMI 50). Hardsnorko@aol.coom.
  7. Damon

    PBEM RO CG -1 - X-TAG...

    As I take up the game again after a hiatus, I find myself longing to play RO again, with a masochistic tendency to suck up the attack on the factory complex in RO's X-TAG, which I started a few times but never finished. So, if you feel like playing the Germans and pulling up a row of assault...
  8. Damon

    Still looking for Live VASL

    Hi Daniel! Hey, so I have a lot of games going but for some reason no one usually on Friday night. You have a lot of cool stuff! I am interested now in playing series and I think it would be cool to play the scenarios from Genesis or Dien Bien Phu in order or appearance. You would have to send...
  9. Damon

    Live VASL Opponent wanted

    Let's do something - what's on your playlist? -Damon
  10. Damon

    The Russian Campaign

    Thank you!
  11. Damon

    The Russian Campaign

    Anybody still playing this classic? Would love a vassal match. Damon
  12. Damon

    The Russian Campaign

    Anyone interested in the old AH The Russian Campaign? Looking for a VASSAL opponent (or even better, a league/) Damon
  13. Damon

    Still looking for Live VASL

    Looking for VASL live opponent to play a series this summer (or a CG game). Interested in trying Korea. Open to most theaters, etc. Damon @
  14. Damon

    Looking for Vasl opponent both live and PBEM

    Hi Mike! How are you at Korea? I just got Action Pack #17 and there were lots of Korean scenarios so I just read up on the rules. If that doesn't float your boat, I am open to most scenarios.... Here's a couple suggestions if you want to take a look: AP 107: Better Fields of Fire WO 23: A...
  15. Damon

    Still Looking for Live VASL

    Just another post - I am delighted to report several PBEM games have started, but still angling for a live VASL opponent. I continue to lurk! D
  16. Damon

    Looking for Vasl opponent both live and PBEM

    I am available for PBEM if yu still have a slot. -Damon
  17. Damon

    VASL Live today?

  18. Damon

    VASL Live today?

    Greetings, Although I have had some luck in finding a couple great PBEM opponents, I have yet to land a live VASL match since my two year hiatus! So, today's the day. I am lurking in VASL (Thurs, June 24) if anyone is interested. Open to most scenarios, CGs. Damon
  19. Damon

    Opponent Wanted

    Greetings! After a two year layoff, I am itching to get back into ASL. So, looking for both CG game and regular scenario opponent; I am especially fond of playing through series (such as an Action Pack). I haven't bought anything since the Korean module came out, and I still have not read...
  20. Damon

    Looking for PBEM, also RB CG III game

    Hi Folks! My subject line says it all: after a long layoff from ASL, I would like to slowly walk back into playing with a VASL PBEM game - almost anything will do. I am also looking for a RB CG III - either side, but if you are ambivalent for sides, I would take German. RB can be 'live' VASL...