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  1. Zakopious

    Rounded corners and tweezers

    Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, etc.
  2. Zakopious

    Help with vehicle counter organization, Plano 3701?

    "On Aug. 2, 1939, he signed a letter addressed to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, warning that the Nazis might be developing nuclear weapons. Einstein urged the United States to stockpile uranium ore and begin work on its own atomic weapons." " Einstein would later come to regret the letter...
  3. Zakopious

    German 88

    In 2005, I got a picture of an 88 at the WWII museum in Auburn, IN. Unfortunately, the collection of guns and vehicles was sold off.
  4. Zakopious

    Help with vehicle counter organization, Plano 3701?

    Amazon: "Temporarily out of stock. We are working hard to be back in stock. Place your order and we’ll email you when we have an estimated delivery date. You won’t be charged until the item ships." Scheels has some in stock. Thank You.
  5. Zakopious

    Help with vehicle counter organization, Plano 3701?

    Is Plano still making the 3701 box ? Every place I Look, the 3701 Is "OUT OF STOCK".
  6. Zakopious

    Return With Us To Those Glorius Days Of Yesteryear

    As I remember, my parents' house cost about $4,000 in 1954. Our house cost $27,500 in 1971. Our house today is worth in excess of $200,000. And that is how buying power is lost from your bank account.
  7. Zakopious

    Rounded corners and tweezers

    Get adhesive nose pads for glasses. Stick them on tips of the tweezers and clip off the excess pad. The pads help to grip a stack of counters.
  8. Zakopious

    How'd your 2023 Year in ASL go?

    I don't win many games either, so play against me and you have at least a 50/50 chance of winning.
  9. Zakopious

    TotR: Millersville to Miami by Way of Denver?

    I had one of my MMP orders sent to Georga and sit in a distribution center for about 3 weeks before it was sent back to Ohio.
  10. Zakopious

    How'd your 2023 Year in ASL go?

    You are approximately 100 miles from Aurora, Ohio. The site of the legendary ASLOK (ASL October Fest). Plan on being there in October so that you can play against the best that ASL has to offer.
  11. Zakopious

    ... took the dice and ..... Tales of the demise of innocent dice.

    The attitude of bad dice can be easily adjusted by sending them to Siberia (the freezer) for a couple of weeks. After a couple of weeks in the freezer, you will be amazed at how much better they roll. Be careful not to allow any dice lovers know that you have dice in the freezer or they will...
  12. Zakopious

    On the to Bridge(s)

    Patience is not one of your virtues, is it ?
  13. Zakopious

    Grumble Jones thoughts on scenarios

    What Hutch says is correct but "User Files" will not jump out at you and may be hard to see. After you select one of the scenarios, look for:
  14. Zakopious

    Twilight Of The Reich And WO #15 Are Up For Pre-Order

    Fortunately, my wife is a Junk Antiques Dealer. Her Junk Antiques take up more room in the garage and the shed than my games in the house. That being said, does not mean that I never hear about how much space my games occupy.
  15. Zakopious

    A beautiful tank model

    Do T-34's have interleaved road wheels ?
  16. Zakopious

    Your Game of the Year?

    My best game was S21, CLASH AT BORISOVKA, ten T-34 tanks against two Tigers and four Mark IVF2's I had recently worked thru Eddie del Rio's Example of Play for S21 which appeared to be set up more as a learning example than optimum strategy. The T-34's must kill more German tanks than they lose...
  17. Zakopious

    Where's this going?

    Today, 12/17/23, DaE sold for only $76 on eBay. The only thing that I could see is that it was punched and some of the info counters had been clipped with a nail clipper. The winner had over 2,000 transactions, so I assume that the winner is a dealer. Strange that no snipers tried to get it at...
  18. Zakopious

    Winter/Snow Map Boards

    If you can print the maps, it is easy to use Paint to substitute white for the open ground green on a summer map. The map images can be found on Texas-ASL. Use a sheet of Plexiglas to hold the paper map flat.
  19. Zakopious

    Any Easy Easts?

    I just lost S20, Joseph 351 because I did not read the SSR's. When will I learn ?
  20. Zakopious

    Any Easy Easts?

    In my files I also have an ASL Scenario W2, Front in Flames but I do not remember the significance of "W2".