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  1. Big Noodle

    Looking for a VASL PBEM, daily logs or thereabout.

    I have room for a game. I'll play anything 🆒 Pick the one you want.
  2. Big Noodle

    VASLeague 2024

    The Indian National Army (me) totally failed to defeat the imperialist British hoard (William Willow) in BFP 61 Flaming Arseholes.
  3. Big Noodle

    2023 eASL OPEN Starts March 20, 2023

    Ready for action! 7 easy wins for the lucky few!
  4. Big Noodle

    Returning ASL player looking for PBEM Opponent

    I could probably grant you an educational slaughter...:rolleyes:
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    my stuff
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  7. Big Noodle

    There Is Still Time Brothers

    Get WITH it troops! Who else will rise to the challenge of facing the 334TH ranked tournament player in the world!
  8. Big Noodle

    BFP Playtest Game

    OK That all I needed.
  9. Big Noodle

    BFP Playtest Game

    I need someone to help me playtest a Finnish/Russian Infantry fight. Live VASL / Skype. US Central TZ,
  10. Big Noodle

    Ersatz VASLeague 2020

    I diced Rick Galli rather brutally in March on Marche DB134. I lost the e-mail link for reporting the result, can someone send it to me?
  11. Big Noodle

    Chance D'une Affaire

    Doing a set-up for ASL 232. The German force sets up "within 2 hexes of building R4" The problem is board 6 has no building in R4. I assume they mean building N4.
  12. Big Noodle

    Ersatz VASLeague 2020

    Don Holland Russians will try to hold the bridgehead vs. David Haasl's Tigers in Nishne Nyet!
  13. Big Noodle

    Ersatz VASLeague 2020

    I'll have to loan ya a league flux capacitor.
  14. Big Noodle

    VASLeague 2019 General Discussion

    Thank God! There's no way I would put up with all the drug testing THAT would entail... :unsure:
  15. Big Noodle

    CyberVASL XII

    Tom Arnold, if your out there drop me an e-mail. the start of my e-mail should be bignoodle not bigoodle.
  16. Big Noodle

    CyberVASL XII

    OK Sign me up. :p
  17. Big Noodle

    Twin Cities ASL 9/14/19-- INVASION OF POLAND

    Yes, the cheddar conscript will be there.
  18. Big Noodle

    VASLeague 2019 General Discussion

    Don Holland defeats Roy Johanson in In Front of the Storm. My poor Germans required some hot shots from a 37mm AT Gun that broke 2 French squads adjacent to the bridge while a wounded German hero and a 548 killed 2 more in CC. By the end the Germans had a 548, a hero, and the 37mm gun while the...
  19. Big Noodle

    New Live VASL CG

    Which ones are you interested in? KGP? FB? Another slog thru Stalingrad? Other? I don't actually own FB put you can always scan and send anything I need to know... I'm in the same time zone (just colder) and can play 2 or 3 times a week I would think.
  20. Big Noodle

    VASLeague 2018, general discussion

    I'm in for 2019 of course!