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  1. BobEury

    T7 / 132 - Hill 253.5 Question

    I was thinking Arrival was a DR not a dr. As the old phrase goes, "when all else fails RFM". Thanks.
  2. BobEury

    Scenario T7 / 132 - Hill 253.5 question

    I couldn't find this answer in a forum search so I'm posting here. The Turn Record Chart indicates that there are German reinforcements on Turn 2 and Russian reinforcements on Turns 3 and 4. The OB indicates there are only Russian reinforcements on Turn 4. This scenario has been around...
  3. BobEury

    T7 / 132 - Hill 253.5 Question

    I looked through the forums but I didn't find an answer to this question so I'm posting here. In T7 / 132 "Hill 253.5" the Turn Record indicates that German reinforcements enter on Turn 2 and Russian reinforcements enter on Turns 3 and 4. The OB doesn't indicate any German reinforcements and...
  4. BobEury

    ASL Ladder

    I was unsure of the forum to place this under so I apologize in advance if there is a more appropriate location. I miss the ASL ladder of old and wanted to ask if there was any interest in starting either one of the two old ladders back up or starting a new ladder. If we start a new ladder...
  5. BobEury

    Have you found an opponent yet? I've played PBEM for quite a while and don't mind showing you...

    Have you found an opponent yet? I've played PBEM for quite a while and don't mind showing you the ropes of PBEM. If you are interested, then let's choose a simple scenario for the first PBEM. Let me know if there are any that you have in mind? Sincerely, Bob Eury
  6. BobEury

    Global ASL Ladder Challenges & Discussion

    Game Report: Bob Eury's Russians has surrendered to Pablo Garcia's Germans in DB130. Pablo was a gracious and patient opponent. Pablo, thank-you for your time. Bob Eury
  7. BobEury

    Former GENIEites who still ASL

    Former GENIEite I was on GENIE back in about 1989. I had played a couple of ftf SL games but was intrigued by this monster game called ASL. Not a monster in the Europa series way but a monster nonetheless. I moved and lost my gaming buddies but found a group on GENIE. I tried to play a...
  8. BobEury

    Operation Overlord - Gavin Take

    Victory Conditions Thanks for the AAR. I'm playing the US side and as it gets down close to the end I had a question about the Victory Conditions. Perhaps I missed something but it looked to me like you ended the game prematurely. The US wins by exiting >= 1 leader and >= 1 squad equivalent...
  9. BobEury

    ASL Tournament #1 - Operation Overlord

    If there is still room, I'd like to be in on the tournament. Thanks, Bob Eury
  10. BobEury

    PBEM Game?

    PBEM Game It looks like I now have 3 games and that is about my current limit. Thanks, Bob
  11. BobEury

    PBEM Game?

    Anyone interested in obtaining some easy Ladder points? I have 1-2 slots open for a PBEM game. I have BV, Paratroops, and Yanks. Regards, Bob
  12. BobEury

    AFV PBEM, Puma Prowls?

    All of my ASL games are now over and I'm looking for someone else to give ladder points to. I want to play my first ASL AFV scenario and I am looking for a PBEM opponent. I would like to play T2, The Puma Prowls but I'm willing to consider other similar scenarios. The key for me at this point...
  13. BobEury

    How much interest is there in a VASL tournament?

    I personally hate games that drag but this may be a little too ambitious. Let's assume the shortest scenario is 5 turns long with a minimum of 3 mailings / players phase and a mailing every day. That works out to 5 turns x 6 mailings / turn for 30 mailings. This gives a minimum of 30 days.I...
  14. BobEury

    Newbie looking for VASL PBEM Ladder game

    I'm a newbie to ASL but have played several SL / CoI games via VASSAL / PBEM. I'm looking for a patient opponent to play an infantry only scenario. My preferences would be Gavin Take, Fighting Withdrawal, Guards Counterattack, or Guryev's Headquarters. I'd like this to be a ladder game...