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  1. volgaG68

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Regardless of the 100% historical accuracy of the OOB as debated upstream, I found this to be a very FUN scenario nonetheless. The map used made for a very interesting flow of action. I comment because my playing of this several years ago resulted in me sending a question to MMP that was never...
  2. volgaG68

    How have you handled MP-costs of VCA-changes on Woods Roads (B13.41) in the past?

    I just changed my vote back to choice #1 only. This morning I reviewed the small handful of scenarios I have PT'd and realized this rule never came into effect during them. Had it came into effect, yes, I apparently would have played it 'wrongly'. 😒
  3. volgaG68

    Reprint BtB 2, Cobra, HG 2

    Thanks, it seems the misunderstanding was on my part. I thought there would be post-1stEd errata from MMP concerning bocage rules that you would be required to plug retroactively into your examples of play. Now I see it was just bits of errata shored up from the 1stEd itself. Danke, alles gut!
  4. volgaG68

    Anyone played BFP Operation Neptune CG?

    I've actually played all of the scenarios, and wanted to take a "environment break" before playing the CG. The same 'scene' slowly becomes monotonous to me after 5 or 6 scenarios, fun though they were! You know how difficult doubling back on something can be. I got sidetracked heavily by FTC12...
  5. volgaG68

    Reprint BtB 2, Cobra, HG 2

    Hope to see this posted up soon. As a diehard 1st Ed. owner, I saw no reason to get the 2nd. I have been very curious as to what changed in the magazine from the original. If it has been posted, I'm not able to find it. Thanks!
  6. volgaG68

    Scenarios Seemingly DESIGNED To Cause A Major PMC

    I was just recalling an LCP scenario that I had played a number of years back that fits the title's description. I can't remember the title but do recall it was from one of the latter LSSAH packs (4? 5? I want to say it was the Lipovez Station one, but that is more a guess than anything). I...
  7. volgaG68

    Your top five dream team opponents

    I have no Dream Team oppo, but there is one listed upstream that I have played and would most want to play again; Brian Martuzas. This was the most meshed of playing styles I've had in an oppo and that was what made it special. We both play fast, and off the cuff. Let's say that you have an...
  8. volgaG68

    Le Franc Tireur 15

  9. volgaG68

    J197 Death On The French Coast

    I do not know who the PT'ers were, nor do I wish to offend them individually. Of course, this might on occasion fall upon some post-publication players as well. {{I know that Wes is a very sharp player that always finishes near/at the top of tourneys. From my limited knowledge of the OP's...
  10. volgaG68

    Same Hex LOS Factory Floor to Factory Roof Top

    I hesitated to answer the question as I wasn't 100% sure of the answer, but I found this thread with @klasmalmstrom replying. He doesn't offer a citation, but his post alone would make me play it the way he says. I wish I knew where this was explicitly (or inexplicitly) stated. Now whether or...
  11. volgaG68

    FTC12 - when is this coming out?

    Kudos to Scott Holst (scenario designs) and the entire LFT team for PTing, proofing, and putting this pack together. This has proved to be one of my favorite purchases in some time, and LFT 14 (Italians) is quickly equalling it as well. Keep up the great work/quality!
  12. volgaG68

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    A few good ones I've played lately..... FT230 Italian Behemoth ⭐⭐⭐ Italian win on their Turn 6a(7a) by exiting a total of 20 VP, 6 of which were Infantry. Small-mediumish scenario, but pretty fun. With doubled OOBs and a doubled map footprint it might well be 4-stars. FT267 Thugny-Trugny ⭐⭐⭐⭐...
  13. volgaG68

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Having played this not too long ago, I can say that your 100 ART Guns were not allowed to set up in buildings. B23.423, must be either Small target or AT/INF that is not a Large target.
  14. volgaG68

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    FT 320 Osasto Bjorkman..... Interesting and fun scenario that I failed miserably at! Lost 2 of my 3 Russian leaders by the end of my T2a (6a); one to a sniper and the other to an improbable CC result. My 4:1 attack failed with an 11, and his 1:2 whacked me with a 3. 12 remaining squads was just...
  15. volgaG68

    Location Control in Manila

    The only thing more notorious are ASL Psychics...😆
  16. volgaG68

    Location Control in Manila

    Oddly enough, for their scenario Thrilla In Manila from B&J, BFP has such a downloadable enlargement for such a building. They also have one for the castle that is used in the HG2 scenarios. You can just make a quick copy of a building off of your map, cut it out, and enlarge it, setting it to...
  17. volgaG68

    LOS down a Woods Road

    The unit in J0 would not have LOS down the road due to there being woods art on the NE hexside that flows into woods art on the SW hexside of I1. If there was no woods art at all in the SW corner of I1, i.e. the woods depiction stopped at the J0-I1 hexside, J0 could see down the road.
  18. volgaG68

    Finn Project

    Yes, the Finn-colored 81mm in their Plano are not straight-across German 81s, but appear to be from another nationality originally; e.g. they have the weird range parameters (by date) on the front of the counter. Would that be the Brandt's you speak of?
  19. volgaG68

    Finn Project

    Checked the HP scenarios and saw no mortar usage by the Finns, so I'm not sure where I am remembering it from. Checked my Finn Plano and saw the German 50mm, 81mm, etc, in Finn colors. So they did have mortars, but I can't find a scenario using them.
  20. volgaG68

    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    My favorite song of George's. Best line ever....."she's put together like an Austin-Healy chassis with a tan".