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  1. cathmor01

    Raaco Storage Trays -- Original by Steve Dennis, modified by Dennis Malmström

    I own my own low-end printer and have a hybrid storage system that only uses these for AFVs and Guns. I use 84 of the 4x6's and would estimate that the PLA plastic filament will cost approximately $.75 per tray, less if you use cheaper filament or buy multiple spools to drive down pricing. I...
  2. cathmor01

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Thanks Alan - those were the ones I was asking about (I totally forgot reading about the SAS set up-thread). Now I've got my answers and can continue sorting. Also thanks to Ollie and Johnl. Bryan
  3. cathmor01

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    I'm just getting around to punching and sorting the British/Commonwealth set I purchased last Summer and have run across some squad/half-squad types on sheet UK6 that I'm unfamiliar with. I figure that they are representing the squads in Pegasus Bridge (which I don't have), but wanted to...
  4. cathmor01

    Any scenarios need a second OOB?

    Thanks everyone for the quick and informative replies.
  5. cathmor01

    Any scenarios need a second OOB?

    I've recently upgraded my Beyond Valor 1st Edition to 3rd Edition. I don't play a whole lot, so have never come across a situation where I've needed more units than come in a single module. I was thinking of putting my old counters in storage, but wanted to see if any of you know of a scenario...
  6. cathmor01

    Podcasts and YouTube for history

    I listen to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcasts. He covers a wide range of historical topics, not just WWII, in great depth. It’s excellent- though very beefy. A typical subject will be 3-5 episodes, with each episode being 3 hours long. great for a long commute or road trips.
  7. cathmor01

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    I was wondering if there was any update on when additional nationalities will be back in stock and ready for ordering in the Brokenground store. I know there were printing problems a few months ago and covid has put the clamp down on production. I am just hankering to give Alan some more money...
  8. cathmor01

    Desperation Morale website updated

    Thanks for all you do Mark. I would be happy to support a go-fund-me campaign. Please let us know when it’s launched.
  9. cathmor01

    ASLSK New Rule Wishlist

    Speaking as a Starter Kit player who owns the entire SK line and most of the core modules for FASL, I have always intended to eventually graduate and get to play with all the toys I own. I think it would be helpful to have a starter kit expansion that is specifically meant to bridge the gap...
  10. cathmor01

    Happy New Year and Thanks for the Past 20 Years

    Thanks Mark. Desperation Morale has been extremely helpful to me over the years as I’ve grown my ASL collection and dived ever deeper into the hobby. I wish you and my fellow gamers a happy new year, more ftf games and a safe/healthy 2021.
  11. cathmor01

    BoF2, SV and Roma 2020

    Thanks for the heads up. Seen and ordered.
  12. cathmor01

    MMP Office closing at 2:30 pm - March 23, 2020

    Thanks for the update! Hang in there. Be safe. We’re all in this together!
  13. cathmor01

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Thanks for the reply. I didn't know if they were finalized yet or not. I will wait for the "official" go ahead.
  14. cathmor01

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Thanks for the quick response... I was under the impression that Vinnie was doing notes for the new vehicles (and variants) that appeared only in the Broken Ground countersets and that they would at some time become available for those that purchased the sets. I allow that I could have the...
  15. cathmor01

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Has Vinnie's consolidated Chapter H notes for the Broken Ground nationality sets ever been released? I'm sure I could go back through the designer's forum and piece them all together, but I'm lazy and don't know if they were ever finalized and made "official" by Alan. Thanks
  16. cathmor01

    ASLSK Rules For Download From MMP

    Thanks Perry!
  17. cathmor01

    ASLSK Rules For Download From MMP

    Thanks very much MMP! I think it’s a great teaser to get new blood into the system. It’s also my hope that the rulebook’s digital availability will preclude MMP from including it in any new SK products (EP#2 for example), saving on some expense. If you own the entire SK line, by now you’ve...
  18. cathmor01

    Poll: leaders on top

    I made it a habit of stacking leaders on top when I learned Squad Leader back in the 80's. When I returned to the game recently with the starter kits and hopefully eventually the full game I continued to stack the leaders on top. It never occurred to me, until the stacking discussion, that...
  19. cathmor01

    Rout Confusion again

    Thanks. I've got ASLSK#4, but it's still in shrink. Will be solving that problem tonight!
  20. cathmor01

    Rout Confusion again

    Thanks for the quick reply. Once again, overthinking things.