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  1. Toby Pilling

    Decision at Elst CG full with ASL rules.

    I spent some time converting all the scenarios to ASL, then play testing them, before submitting them to MMP with some explanatory notes. I'd contacted them in advance with the proposal and they agreed they were interested. I recall Klas M being contacted to work on writing up the polder rules...
  2. Toby Pilling

    ECZ15 The Best Defence

    I played a final playtest version of this at the Bounding Fire tournament in Blackpool in November against Andy Bagley. He defended as the Americans and split up his trenches across the board, which was interesting as it forced me to attack on a broad front while massing troops for the other VC...
  3. Toby Pilling

    Do you kindle a bunch?

    I never kindle now. In the past, I've maybe done it once or twice. I find that the older I get, the less sleaze appeals. It should be moved to chapter E and only allowed by SSR, but that will never happen.
  4. Toby Pilling

    Albany Tournament December 1st-4th All TD Communications Here

    Bo and Michael are indeed masters of our art. I would describe Michael's play style as calm and unflabbable, easy-going and good-natured... as well as being implacable and utterly relentless. A potent combination!
  5. Toby Pilling

    Bounding Fire Blackpool - 2022 (copy of my circular email I've just sent out)

    I had great fun again at the tournament. Most of my competative games were a challenge and my bout with Dave was particularly memorable coming down to the last dice roll. It was a shame Jim and I couldn't battle it out fully, but hopefully we can play in some alternative forum. At least I was...
  6. Toby Pilling


    One difficulty with the bidding system you use may be getting an accurate assessment of balance via the ROAR database. There is an almighty swing of balance between a maximum and minimum bid and they may be hard to differentiate between. Interesting idea, though.
  7. Toby Pilling

    #69: An Interview with Chuck Hammond (half of HazMo)

    Great interview with Chuck, who I remember meeting at a US tournament - Albany, I think. I look forward to playing my first Hazmo scenario this week at Double One!
  8. Toby Pilling

    #63: Toby Pilling Interview

    Does this mean I'm officially more disorganised than you now, Bob? Hmm...I'm not sure how that makes me feel. Anyway, I understand you know this new, up and coming player on the US scene - Sidneb Trebor. Encourage him to haul his ass over the Atlantic some time and we can test his mettle!
  9. Toby Pilling

    LFT From the Cellar 11 - What's in the Box

    I'm glad you found the strategy guide useful! Oh, and my surname is pronounced Pilling as in 'red-pilling' (or top billing):)
  10. Toby Pilling

    FTC 11 starts shipping

    Hi Seth, Elsewhere on this forum, there's a good 'inside the box' preview, with all the scenarios:
  11. Toby Pilling

    FTC 11 starts shipping

    I'm glad your player's enjoyed 'Five-Oh-Sink' - the first (and only) scenario I have ever designed. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on 'The Manual', as I call it, once you've read and digested it. Toby
  12. Toby Pilling

    Albany Part 1 - DTF12 Not one step back

    Gosh, I'm not a bad defender and I love Struijf and Mazzei designs but I'm looking at this scenario wondering what on earth the Germans can do to win. I guess I just haven't grokked it yet!
  13. Toby Pilling

    BFF 2021 (Blackpool) Tournament AAR

    I had a great time at the Bounding First Fire tournament in Blackpool last weekend, culminating in my reaching the final, where I just lost out to Ian Morris. I thought I'd pen a few lines regarding that final game and give some general thoughts on the tournament itself. The unusual aspect...
  14. Toby Pilling

    FT INOR1 questions

    I believe the wording regarding the gun should state that it begins play 'under tow of the wagon', rather than limbered. That's how I played it.
  15. Toby Pilling

    #55: Castles on the Horizon

    Thanks for another entertaining episode! Regarding your thoughts on arranging an 'ASL Champion of the World' event, I remember a discussion I had over a decade ago (I think with Peter Struijf), about whether some kind of event like the one you describe could ever be feasible. I seem to recall...
  16. Toby Pilling

    #46: Rage Against The Machine

    I love this scenario. I had a fantastic game of it against Jim Bishop in the first round of the Albany tournament a few years ago, when the great Gary Trezza was still running it. I was the Germans and I like the way they really feel up against it, fending off the Russian horde. Superb design...
  17. Toby Pilling

    Supporting Fire 2020, November 20-22

    So who won the tournament - Melvin or Melvin's jacket? I think against that field of competitors, the jacket would usually be favoured. Versus Melvin himself, though, I feel the jacket might struggle.
  18. Toby Pilling

    Supporting Fire 2020, November 20-22

    I so envy you guys in Sweden, playing face to face. I also envy your government's response to the Coronovirus. Bravo!
  19. Toby Pilling

    #33: Second Semi Final

    Ah, so it's only OT vehicles who have the CE DRM reduced. Even so, to 'freeze-sleeze' units at those higher levels, CT AFVs still need to unbutton, making their PRC vulnerable - again, being high up in buildings makes VBM freeze harder.
  20. Toby Pilling

    #33: Second Semi Final

    Indeed, looking at the rules again it seems that at level 2 and above, one is eligible for TPBF against vulnerable PRC of vehicles in bypass below and therefore can be 'frozen'. At least being at Level 2 makes the bypassing AFV much more vulnerable, though - OT vehicles are treated as...