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  1. TopT

    Twilight Of The Reich And WO #15 Are Up For Pre-Order

    Mine escaped HQ just before that storm and even with another minor snowstorm occurring, I received mine yesterday. Luckily, I only live about 2.5 hours from MMP HQ.
  2. TopT

    Playtest - Assault on Sommocolonia

    Well done. You could have added some names and that could have been a write up in a unit history. 👍
  3. TopT

    Finn Project

    I have said this a few times now, but I can't wait for this module and the Peleliu module. I played most of the Bitterest Day scenarios already, but I will buy that as well.
  4. TopT

    A beautiful tank model

    Yes, that does look nice!
  5. TopT

    Tis the season

    Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to all!
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    Winter/Snow Map Boards

    Who ever said that, or even implied that? That isn't even part of the should MMP produce these winterized maps conversation. MMP making those maps and overlays is NEVER going to happen.
  7. TopT

    Winter/Snow Map Boards

    For the cost of a full set of "winterized maps/ overlays", you could buy a good printer that prints at 11 x 17 and make your own map(s) using VASL. I know this has been said many times, but this is a very sensible work around.
  8. TopT

    Help with vehicle counter organization, Plano 3701?

    Once I get the trays 3D printed, I am doing the same. My whole kit inside of 2 Handy Boxes.
  9. TopT

    Adding more options to the custom phase wheel, turn and reinforcement markers

    My vote would be for individual markers.
  10. TopT

    Twilight of the Reich Update

    From what I remember it will come with the full OOB of the SS in blue as well as counters particular to this module.
  11. TopT

    ASL Bell Tolls

    I never met him but saw his posts often. RIP and my condolences to his family.
  12. TopT

    VASL6.6.7 now available

    I tried again but no luck so, I just went and renamed the download to a .exe and that was all I had to do. Wierd.
  13. TopT

    VASL6.6.7 now available

    I am getting this when I download the VASSAL 3.7.5 installer. Dell PC, Win 11, Edge browser.
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    Raaco and RitterKrieg trays

    Jim, Which files are yours? I looked and I see the one which stacks three in a column and one which stacks four in a column but, they have Derek Ritter's name associated to them.
  15. TopT

    ASL 46' any interest?

    Genesis III & Magoch '78 are the latest products, from CH, along the lines of what you are asking about. If you truly want something like this buying them with a CH discount code would be a little more acceptable to pay for. I know that a group is out there play testing an Arab/ Israeli module...
  16. TopT

    VASL6.6.7-beta2.vmod released

    That is an understatement. All of you keep ASL players going. Thanks for ALL of your hard work!
  17. TopT

    Battle of Berlin modules?

    Their Berlin stuff was decent. Definitely one of their better products.
  18. TopT

    VASL6.6.7-beta2.vmod released

    What is the current pairing of VASSAL/ VASL that works best.
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    Attempting to Identify Counter

    That looks really nice. I would enjoy a few drinks there.
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    Twenty years !

    I have another year to reach 20.