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  1. HansK

    We mourn the loss of Christopher Dean

    Great loss indeed… Have bought a couple of games from him. Great guy!
  2. HansK

    African American's In World War Two Action Pack : Reading List Suggestion.

    John C. McManus does cover this in several of his books. Currently reading “Island Infernos”, the second volume in his coverage of the US Army in the Pacific. It does mention this too.
  3. HansK

    VASL 101/201 - Intro & Lesson List

    Thanks! I am actually planning to finally install this, so this is really helpful. :)
  4. HansK

    The ASL Book Club

    Currently reading 'Spearhead' by Adam Makos. Part of the book covers the famous Pershing vs. Panther engagement at Cologne. Interesting to read the story behind this engagement. You can find several videos of the battle on YouTube. And the author does a great job to show you what life as a...
  5. HansK

    Books: What are you currently reading?

    Spearhead by Adam Makos. The guy has an engaging style of writing. 'Takes you there' instantly.
  6. HansK

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Preordered CdG from UGG. :)
  7. HansK

    B-17 crashes and burns in Hartford CT, USA

    Really sad. Most of all for the crew and passangers of course, but also for losing another beautiful aircraft… :(
  8. HansK

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Nice catch!
  9. HansK

    Representing Polish paratroops at Arnhem

    The Poles had no chance to be effective because while landing they were shot up by the Germans. BUT they did do their utmost to help the guys encircled at Oosterbeek. They even infiltrated men in under heavy fire and helped evacuate the guys from Oosterbeek...
  10. HansK

    The ASL Book Club

    I have been reading "The Battle for Manilla" by Connaughton/Anderson/Pimlott. I had heard about the devastation that hit Manila, but man, what those people went through is hard to describe. The attrocities by the Japanese are described in detail and makes for some heavy reading. Next the...
  11. HansK

    What was your very first computer wargame you ever played???

    Oh, the time I spent with that one… So cool. :)
  12. HansK

    Are you sick of Korea already?

    Kid Creole...
  13. HansK

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Absolutely! Quite happy with it. ;)
  14. HansK

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Got Operation Watchtower! :)
  15. HansK

    CWB Series ( Three Battles of Manassas) Question

    GCACW is a cool series indeed. I only started with the 'MMP' version of the game. Maps by Charlie Kibler are works of art. Enjoyable system.
  16. HansK

    CWB Series ( Three Battles of Manassas) Question

    LOL! I've got no idea. Do not use Vassal myself, neither do I play the CWB games. A shame, because I should have bought them all when the series started like I did with OCS, SCS, TCS and RSS.
  17. HansK

    Desperation Morale website down.....but for how long?

    Looks like 2018 went awol though, or were there no 2018 products posted (do not remember this in detail).
  18. HansK

    CWB Series ( Three Battles of Manassas) Question

    Found an answer for you on BGG. Db(1) means Detached battery of 1 gun point. Hope this helps.
  19. HansK

    The ASL Book Club

    Finished reading 'Tank Action' by David Render yesterday. An interesting and well written book. Author was a troop leader and tells how he went from Normandy to the Reich. Lots of small scale actions and clearly displays the tension and dangers the tankers faced. A number of those actions took...