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  1. rahamy

    New Opponets

    Plenty of opponents here too. :) The ACWGC has requirements such as mustering monthly, maintaining at least one on going game, etc. which is all fine, but this site is much more relaxed. Its been less than 10 hours sine the challenge has been posted, give it some time...
  2. rahamy

    New Opponets

    Welcome! May plate is overflowing at the moment, but I'm sure someone will be around soon to accept the challenge...if not let me know and I'll send a note to the ladder. Enjoy!
  3. rahamy

    Out of practice player

    Will be glad to act as a "coach" for you guys to help get you rolling if you work something out...I've played well over 1000 PBEM games now. ;-)
  4. rahamy

    Out of practice player

    I can take up the challenge, but can not promise quick turn arounds...sometimes quick, sometimes I'll be lucky to get a turn done in a week. So I should probably be one of two opponents at me if interested. Rich at
  5. rahamy

    Looking for opponent in Antietam campaign

    Excellent...don't want to be loosing any newbies! Thanks!
  6. rahamy

    fairly new player looking for a game

    Let me know if you don't get an opponent soon & I can e-mail the ladder to stir the guys up.
  7. rahamy

    Looking for opponent in Antietam campaign

    Get a game yet? I can mail the whole ladder if not...
  8. rahamy

    Battle of Twin Peaks

    Maybe so...but I can't be sure...been gaming for years and it tends to blend together!
  9. rahamy

    Battle of Twin Peaks

    Yep, I'd say so!
  10. rahamy

    Battle of Twin Peaks

    Once the next round of updates comes out maybe we can do a PBEM of this...of course I'm appaling slow, so we might retire before completing it!
  11. rahamy

    New in the club and searching a battle

    Enjoy your game guys...let us know if you have any questions!
  12. rahamy

    Preferred Screen Resolution

    Have recently upgraded to dual 28" LCD's running at 1920 x can fit an amazing amount of the battlefiled on a single screen now! The second one's for e-mail and what not...
  13. rahamy

    Rebel wanted for Gettysburg Campaign

    Al & Carl, if you guys don't hook up for a game, you might want to consider starting a new thread for your matches, so that people know you are still looking. Let me know if you have any problems getting a match.
  14. rahamy

    New Gettysburg Campaign Scenario: Opponent/Tester Needed

    Tom, If you shortened the time a day turn represents then you need to decrease the movement rates, not increase them...a standard day turn is 20 minutes in the series, so you don't want an infantry column moving twice the distance in half the time! :cool:
  15. rahamy

    Another Vicksburg

    Jim, I can take you on if you are still looking for a match...I'm very slow these days, but I won't dissapear on you, promise. :D Shoot me an e-mail if you'd like to discuss.
  16. rahamy

    Gettysburg 1-3 July Campaign (intensive game)

    Wish I could, but am having a hard time keeping up with the few I have going right now! Hope you enjoy the game(s) when youg et them!
  17. rahamy

    First Timer looking for PBEM

    Excellent. If you have any interest in Shiloh you might want to pick that up soon...the next tourney will be played with that, and that will give you more PBEM experience! :cool:
  18. rahamy

    First Timer looking for PBEM

    :D , ok, just want to make sure we don't loose anyone just due to a lack of an opponent!
  19. rahamy

    First Timer looking for PBEM

    Hi Ian, Have you found a match yet? Want to make sure you get a game going...
  20. rahamy

    Error Reading File

    Oh, and generally speaking, I never edit an OOB that has scenarios made from it already...unless it is to just change a name or something. Changing the file structure prevents existing scenarios from loading properly.