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    TV shows NOT to watch

    I spent two hours looking through my giant box o' crayons last night and couldn't find "fuddy-duddy".
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    TV shows NOT to watch

    What?! You got a problem with pregnant 16 year olds as "wholesome" entertainment?
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    TV shows NOT to watch

    I thought we had that once, they were called railroads. Then the feds let the RRs consolidate, decide what they were going to haul, when and where they were going to haul. Voila! The trucking business was born or at least multiplied.
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    TV shows NOT to watch

    You say: I hope you have insurance for that because I'm not sure workers' comp will cover it.
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    What? Lose my avatar? You don't want to mess with Racer X.
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    Nice AAR BTW but I have to ask... stonks?
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    (A19.12) ELR

    Re: ELR In full blown ASL they are disrupted as already mentioned. But, IIRC (and I'm no SK rule book handy), disruption isn't included in the SK and nothing extra bad happens to the unit if you're playing by Starter Kit rules. I could be wrong however. Jeff "I thought I was wrong once, but...
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    Teaching Newbies about Tanks and SPG's

    Yeah, do a rumble. Give them each a tank (and all the same kind), like your basic Sherman, throw out a couple of boards and have them drive around and shoot at each other. Last one alive wins. They'll learn the mechanics of movement, all the various TH mods and with the occasional smoke or...
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    [ASLSK] ROF and pin

    I can't think of a situation where that would occur using the SK rules. It can happen in full blown ASL when you get snipers involved. And, yes the MG would be eligible to fire again, but that would be its final shot in that phase. Jeff
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    VASL etiquette

    I have never questioned or even thought to question any of my opponents HIP revelations, nor have I ever been asked to do the same. If I were in such a position, I think I would follow your second solution. There's just so much "trust me" involved in VASL games already that it isn't worth it to me
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    HIP up to one squad equivalent

    Whether this is technically legal or not, and I'm tending towards the side that it is, I hope my opponent decides to HIP all/a bunch of his leaders. In a normal scenario (whatever normal is) on defense, you'll probably get 3-5 leaders. Go ahead, HIP 4 of them. I'd rather they do that than...
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    ASLML manners and the Spuddies

    Heck, this is the most fun I've had on the forums yet. Man, leave it to the Tater to liven things up a bit. Tate, you are truly the proverbial fart in the elevator. But as for this: I say to you Mr. Bakken, and the rest of you, "Follow. But! Follow only if ye be men of valour, for the...
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    Rankings on the board

    Look!? Cripes, I can smell. Yes, you are indeed rank! :shock: Besides that, you are soon to be stripped of your stars, bars and whatever other accoutrements you have accumulated as soon as the posts per rank goes up. Rumor has it that it will require 937 posts to acquire even 7-0 status...
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    Rankings on the board

    Of course not. But if we relegate Sam Belcher to permanent wounded 6+1 status, then it would. :lol: Jeff
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    Opinions on the NEW maps

    I piddled around with the SK scenarios and maps this weekend for the first time. Generally speaking I like. If they keep costs down on future products, so much the better. I can't imagine they will be as durable as the mounted maps but only time will tell. They do, however, lack a certain je...
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    Perry sez on wagon questions

    I have been to the mountain top seeking enlightenment. Here is what I discovered from the master himself. > >Can a wagon counter be marked with a motion counter (ref: D2.4, D12.1, >E11.535)? Yes. >Assuming yes, what is the mechanic for placing/removing the motion counter...
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    CH and Dash question

    I have a dashing squad (dashing as in the A4.63 sense, not in the debonaire sense). While scooting across the road, my opponent fires an ATG at it and rolls snakes scoring a critical hit. So, is the +2 case J TH modifier for dashing reversed when resolving the CH on the IFT. I think not...
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    Medal of Honor

    My vote Rising Sun clearly had improvements in the atmosphere and weaponry. But The enemy AI were not as expressive as Frontline. I vote for MOH: Frontline, because of the engrossing gameplay. the AI and the overall playability. No first person shooter that I have played to dae thrilled me...
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    Video Game Violence

    The buck stops there! Ok, here I go on a rant! I am a high school teach in an inner city so I pretty much see the lowest level of society. These kids are great, even in the midst of poverty and depraved conditions (Relatively speaking, lets be honest here). I find that there is a small...
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    Horse-Drawn Motion status

    Given I've used wagons once, in a solotaire game and they moved offboard after about three turns, you're absolutely right. :shock: So then, what are you trying to say: That I suffer from obsessive/compulsive disorder, that I need to get a life, that I'm a complete geek, all of the above...