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  1. SFiedler

    Character lost

    Hi, I am running VASL on a Mac and the latest VASL version has a minor but somewhat annoying bug(?). After using VASL interface (clicking the dice etc) the first character types is always missing unless one first click the chat window. Have anyone else noticed this and do you have a smart...
  2. SFiedler

    Have You Ever...

    I need to check the neighbor's basement before I raise any complaints on their lacking snow removal. Any feud may escalate quickly otherwise :-)
  3. SFiedler

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    As Said before we need a pto extension and a zoom function in tables Vasl rules
  4. SFiedler

    Thanks! Regards

    Thanks! Regards
  5. SFiedler

    PTO Terrain

    If anyone has this extension please PM me
  6. SFiedler

    Sewer rats in Red Factories

    I like having a few units behind enemy lines as they each binds up 2 units hunting them down instead of them being at the front. The nuisance of loosing locations and affecting routs as well as interdicting reinforcement and reserve setup makes it worthwhile in my opinion.
  7. SFiedler

    KV2 turret

    check out at 3:21 and beyond
  8. SFiedler

    What style dice do you use, precision or round cornered?

    I prefer six sided dice :sneaky:
  9. SFiedler

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    HI, would it be possible to implement a magnification tool for the tables (QRDC (F5))?
  10. SFiedler

    How would a supercomputer handle ASL?

    The level of complaining and whining would be refreshing in comparison to most ASL players :}
  11. SFiedler

    Da Paul Challenge

    Scepter...what about using a hammer they shifted the gear with on early T-34s?
  12. SFiedler

    Tunnels and routing

    Thanks Mel, We noticed when we started play A.2 was enforced. /S
  13. SFiedler

    Tunnels and routing

    Answered by courtesy of Klas Q&A: A10.51 & B8.62 May broken units rout through a tunnel to exit in that rout phase even if another woods/building location is a closer rout destination target than the exit from the tunnel? May they do so even if the exit is a brush location? A. Yes to both (B8.62).
  14. SFiedler

    Tunnels and routing

    A Japanese hs is in a bunker in bamboo, jungle is present in an adjacent hex. If broken can he use the tunnel from the bunker to a hut hex further away than the jungle?
  15. SFiedler

    Rat Pocket Charts v3

    Laminate everything
  16. SFiedler

    Pillbox stacking A5.5 and actions to make space

    so a full sq may man a gun in a 1-5-7 Pillbox?
  17. SFiedler

    Pillbox stacking A5.5 and actions to make space

    Edited original post for clarity. Thx
  18. SFiedler

    Pillbox stacking A5.5 and actions to make space

    A 1-5-7 pillbox has a crew and a Gun. The pillbox is thus full. 1. if the crew dies what is the stacking cap then (i.e does the gun count as a hs for stacking puroposes or does it have to be possessed to count. (See A5.5 ..." an Infantry crew/HS is manning a Gun it is considered equal to a...
  19. SFiedler

    Ask Paul

    well done, StrV 103