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  1. Barking Monkey

    Followed enemy AVF command but MP's still remaining

    In unclear situations I try to stick to the 'spirit' of the move command as much as possible - in this case overrunning opposing infantry, so yeah -as you suggested I'd use the extra MPs to OVR (or move to position to OVR) with the remaining MPs.
  2. Barking Monkey

    Defensive fire Baz.

    I'm thinking the rationale for the DFF smoke 1st Q&A is the same as for smoke in the other phases - to prevent a somewhat gamey "take my non-smoke shots at the target 1st and use smoke for the final shot". I get why some think 1st-shot-only-smoke doesn't make sense, but this is an abuse that...
  3. Barking Monkey

    Red Factories SASL HC 17 Oct - 15 Nov 1942

    Thanks for posting this Ahriman - I'm not really a CG guy myself, but this will no doubt spark some entertaining play for other SASLers! I was not familiar with the Leaflet House rules before this. I'd be curious about why they exclude recon purchase and no GE HMG. Also the no night attacks -...
  4. Barking Monkey

    SASL Tools From the Barking Monkey - Table Update

    I've updated the 3 game setup tables (ETO/Eurasia, PTO and Arid Climate) to include the various nationality artillery chit composition plus a few other tweaks. The ETO table now includes the snow table.
  5. Barking Monkey

    SASL Tools From the Barking Monkey

    Barking Monkey updated SASL Tools From the Barking Monkey with a new update entry: Table Update Read the rest of this update entry...
  6. Barking Monkey

    Updated Game Setup Files

    Paul Bibler's query on Ahriman's recent post prompted me to revisit the game setup tables in my file section on Gamesquad's Resources download area. I've made a couple tweaks to the 3 game setup tables, adding the artillery chits for the various nationalities (I don't know about you guys, but I...
  7. Barking Monkey

    The Story of O - A review of Orsogna

    I've only had the module for less than a week, but I'd take a bit of a contrary view on a couple points. I agree that the quality of the components is outstanding. I guess you can count me in as one of the people who enjoy ASL as it is, since this is where things get a little wobbly for me...
  8. Barking Monkey

    Solitaire ASL YouTube Guides

    I found the same thing, so I put together a chart for it (actually 3: one each for NWE & Eastern europe, the PTO, and arid climate areas). I'm attaching the ETO one for you to look at, the others are in the Gamesquad 'Resources' section under Barking Monkey. I always play with the "ASL...
  9. Barking Monkey

    Orsogna Project

    My favorite part of that image is the dm MTR. The one support weapon counter I run out of is dm counters for light mortars.
  10. Barking Monkey

    Canal Overlays?

    I've long pined for a canal overlay for my SASL games.
  11. Barking Monkey

    So, what counter to use for Penal troops?

    I would think regular conscript squads, with no deploying for the Germans (half squads makes them too tactically flexible, imo.)
  12. Barking Monkey

    Can MMP get NOTHING right?

    Sauce...on the SIDE?! NO SOUP FOR YOU!!
  13. Barking Monkey

    Activation of suspect AFV in hex that it would have to be in bypass

    Per S5.61 a unit activating in a prohibited location is forfeit. Activation rules don't incorporate bypass - I think since, as you're finding out, it gets too complicated.
  14. Barking Monkey

    Excess baggage

    Based on my typical availability rolls, I'm not sure my German squad PP capacity shouldn't be increased...(they do like to duck and cover though - maybe they're looking for dropped Panzerfausts.) At least it's not as bad as my luck with radios. On a more serious note, it's an interesting...
  15. Barking Monkey

    New challenge

    Oh no! Puns are Nell and void here. (Though I'll confess I'm Dinah see what the next one is...)
  16. Barking Monkey

    SASL missions and campaign games

    Not ALL the links are broken, just pulled this: from the "cool SASL resources" topic on the Solitaire ASL page here. There are a few other links that I suspect either work or are wayback machine...
  17. Barking Monkey

    Calling all SASL Players!

    Thanks! But I consider my SASL contributions to be my greatest accomplishment! (What's a Superbowl ring next to a well executed SASL table...) Also, since I included the Winter War Finnish table I might as well add the early war Soviet tables I put together. To anyone who hasn't tried their...
  18. Barking Monkey

    Calling all SASL Players!

    No problem. My name is John Taylor if needed. Do you have access to the Lubben Finnish SASL material? He had a RE table for the Finns as well as the generation tables. (I was a little too lazy to put this together but I'd probably have done it or used his if I were to actually run a Finnish...
  19. Barking Monkey

    Calling all SASL Players!

    I've only played sparingly with the Finns as the winter war component of a Soviet campaign company I was running. I used my own table for the Winter War Finns and I've prepared a more generic table for later use that I never put into play. (both attached.) I've got your table and the ones...
  20. Barking Monkey

    personal leader rules for SASL

    I always use a PL during my campaign games. I replace one of the company leaders with the PL and during the post game refit stage only the non-PL leaders are eligible for promotion (with the PL advancing separately through the elan/cowardice method.) I use the old 'no-name' leader counters...