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  1. benj

    Attempting to Identify Counter

    Yes, they were in the LFT#14 Italian issue IIRC, meant for the Damsels in Distress scenario where Greeks schoolgirls are used as hostages by the Italians. I must confess the second row does not look historically accurate but hey, you can never tell when you type "schoolgirl costume" in Google...
  2. benj

    New Scenarios for the LFT Arid Maps

    LFT has the history of publishing scenario in LFT issues that reuses previously released maps or material so I can't imagine the maps not being used occasionally in future releases.
  3. benj

    Never seen this before

    On the opposite, I remember one of my opponents losing a game due to a 9-2 and two or three (I cant recall) MMG bearing 6-6-7 that went berserk and impaled themselves on my Japanese firelane while charging across 4 open ground hexes. With the net loss of that mighty firegroup, the game was over...
  4. benj

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Sticky errata, of course!
  5. benj

    Vae Victis English translations

    LFT currently has to my knowledge no plan on reissuing more scenarios from Vae Victis. So there are few chances that more VV scenarios are translated in the near future, sorry!
  6. benj

    Designer/Tester Trend Russian Leaders

    OTOH, the American 1st line squad has great range, 50% firepower increase over almost every other 1st line squad out there AND a 8ML once broken and I see no one complaining. ;) I have always been told that this was design for effect to make the player move its American squads as we feel they...
  7. benj

    LFT 10: Azul Division

    There is no plan for a reprint at the moment. But there is something related to the Azul division in the works. Don't expect it soon thought, it is still in early development. The good news is that if this comes out, there will be a full set of counters with our own artwork.
  8. benj

    LFT 10: Azul Division

    Wow! Thanks A LOT for this! Do you mind if I put your extension on the LFT website? That could be very useful to other players. As a side note: the file has to be named vmdx I think. Also, it requires a fairly recent version of VASSAL.
  9. benj

    What are the classic Italian scenarios?

    Sting of the Italian Hornet is quite good! I loved Paddington Bears 22 Morire In Belleza as well thought the Italians are a bit supermen there.
  10. benj

    Italian counters

    Good catch, I haven't thought of this. If I update the extension for some reason I will add the leaders as well.
  11. benj

    LFT 10: Azul Division

    I imagine that you could use german counters in the meantime?
  12. benj

    LFT 10: Azul Division

    Hello, unlikely for now because we are all busy on something else. Perhaps in next months when I have finished drawing the illustrations needed for next product. Benj
  13. benj

    INOR extension 5-3-7 counter should have underlined morale

    Fixed on the website with VASL module Inor v0.5, amongst other things. Thanks for the catch!
  14. benj

    GS up for sale again?

    And even more than that, we have a "no politics/religious talks/bullying" policy. Of course, there is some tolerance on news stories chit-chat as long as it does not degenerate. We have seen far too many people leaving the forum and the community angrily due to heated debates, and to my opinion...
  15. benj

    LFT next module: The Green Hell of Inor.

    As promised, the VASL support with counters and map is available here : Note that some of the counters are not included: no need for some administrative counters playing VASL. But if someone feels the need for something that I...
  16. benj

    LFT next module: The Green Hell of Inor.

    All of those cheeses are actually exquisite and you are making me hungry. :love:0 Fortunately, the cheese ban in Parisian public transportation system is a legend. Just keep them in a sealed bag otherwise your neighbors will look at you in a funny way (but you will have plenty of free seats...
  17. benj

    LFT next module: The Green Hell of Inor.

    For those waiting for the VASL extension, it is underway! Just some more testing and tweaks.
  18. benj

    LFT next module: The Green Hell of Inor.

    For those wondering, a VASL module is under way. The map is already on the LFT website, the counters are in the works. Expect the module to be released sometimes around next week.
  19. benj

    LFT next module: The Green Hell of Inor.

    To be more precise, the intention was to give him a Camembert, but it is actually more Coulommiers-sized for the sake of readability. I hope purists won't mind. Of course, we can also notice the baguette and the (half-finished) bottle of red wine. You can bet there is a beret somewhere hidden...
  20. benj

    LFT next module: The Green Hell of Inor.

    Only Croix de Guerre (any edition) and Beyond Valour, plus five of the scenarios require geomorphic maps (1a, 11a, 39, 58, 66, 70, 72, 81 and x). There is no LFT product required to play.