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    What would you Pay ?

    What level of interest is there for a non-island PTO module for KC - say Aussies v Japanese in New Guinea?
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    sowchos 79

    Thanks Mark!
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    sowchos 79

    Thanks doughboy you just got in their before me!
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    sowchos 79

    I believe it was the 11th Panzer versus a Soviet breakthrough following the Stalingrad encirclement. The German kampfgruppe gets to shoot up a column of Soviet truck-borne infantry and then takes some hills on board 3?, with the final showdown a shoot-out with Soviet armour. I just recall it was...
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    sowchos 79

    I want to get hold of the old SL scenario (#16?) Sowchos 79. Has it been converted to ASL and is it available online?
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    BRT CGII US Casualties

    Playing BRT CGII and in the first CG scenario (20AM) the US suffered 261CVP. By turn 2 of the 20PM scenario the Marines are down another 43 CVP. With the CVP cap for the US 449 CVP, things are looking grim. Q: has anyone had as bad or worse CVP for the Marines in an initial scenario for this...
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    Scenario List For Nys Asl Championship Released.

    ASL 118 The Waterhole - what's that one about? What module/publication does it come from?