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  1. -Whiplash_XII-

    wii sports

    Somewhere out of the park, I think it was 178.
  2. -Whiplash_XII-

    Wii on sale everywhere here now

    Eh, thats nuts.. and I don't think thats selling but.. THATS STILL CRAZY. :O Unless you only want it for a Week however..
  3. -Whiplash_XII-

    I am finally Wii-ed up!

    WTB WiiSports 2 with WiFi boxing :D
  4. -Whiplash_XII-

    my latest work

    K. Rated and CC'd. <3
  5. -Whiplash_XII-

    Nintendo guru wants more happy games

    The smile on my face was pretty damn wide when I first booted up CoD3. But I get where he is going. As long as metroid, the next zelda, and SSBM:B arrive on time, I could care less :D
  6. -Whiplash_XII-

    Nintendo's GDC Keynote.

    Ahem. So. Yeah, it was crap. Popularity contest.. Mmm.. Hrm........ Discuss.
  7. -Whiplash_XII-

    Is Wii for younger gamers only?

    Play more CoD3.
  8. -Whiplash_XII-

    My Sims for Wii

    Its going to suck.
  9. -Whiplash_XII-

    Is Wii for younger gamers only?

    The gamecube was, In general. The Wii isn't. The lineup is very balanced, CoD3 doesn't seem like a 7 year olds cup of tea.
  10. -Whiplash_XII-

    Manhunt 2 for Wii

    /prays for Online Multiplayer. That would be beyond sick.
  11. -Whiplash_XII-

    American NFL football coming to England

    Mhmm. Thanks for your fantastic opinion. Which we can clearly see you took some effort in formulating. Andymac is ****. End of. See what I did thar?
  12. -Whiplash_XII-

    wii straps

    OR YOU COULD JUST GOOGLE IT. I'm sorry but people who don't do things for themselves, get help AND THEN still don't do anything from themselves piss me off. If your so concerned, take your wiimote to wherever the hell you bought it from, and ask them.
  13. -Whiplash_XII-

    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    Twas a joke friend.
  14. -Whiplash_XII-

    Nintendo Rumors

    Meh. Same **** different day.
  15. -Whiplash_XII-

    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    If you hate anything to do with modern rap don't listen to this. YouTube - Rep Ur Endz-North West =D
  16. -Whiplash_XII-

    Nintendo Rumors

    MMORPG's are different. I hate RPG's on consoles because your just one person who can do everything. In MMO's you have to co-operate to achieve something decent.
  17. -Whiplash_XII-

    Nintendo Rumors

    Nothing interests me there. RPG's bore me.
  18. -Whiplash_XII-

    first post from a wii

    Smack the cat.
  19. -Whiplash_XII-

    first post from a wii - Flash Games on your Nintendo Wii
  20. -Whiplash_XII-

    Amazon HAD Wii's instock today...

    That is so stupid.