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  1. the_redstar_swl

    An attempt at making a fancy sig like you guys use

    :nuts: Anyways: Thoughts? Made it over a couple of hours of on and off work, I'm probably going to adjust the layers at a later point. Edit: Did some revisions of it with the help of a friend on another site, I dropped a bunch of layers and text, messed with the hue/saturation/ect...
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    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    I saw the millions, the naked and the dead I saw the city streets running bloody red I saw a thousand bombers circle in the sky I saw the firestorm fifty stores high I saw a hundred thousand scream and burn I saw the armored wheels grind and turn Universal soldier, doomed to live to tell Fight...
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    Something I did a while ago

    "Mouth Breather", One of the free fonts Blambot has.
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    Something I did a while ago

    Made it to use as a sig on another site, A screen cap from the episode "Eagle Hunting and Hunting Eagles" in the anime Black Lagoon, Its probably one of the better things I've done. After looting a iron cross from a the skeleton of a German sailor, Revy explains that "There is one thing that...
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    About My Wii and Mii

    Allow me to explain: Lolicon: Japanese word for pedophile, Its also a western loan word used on the internet generally for underage anime girls (Underage in anime = No boobs :laugh:) and sex therewith, Not to be confused with "moé" which is used for general non-sexual cuteness, An example of...
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    About My Wii and Mii

    Highfive? :D
  7. the_redstar_swl

    About My Wii and Mii

    Hurt yourself "playing" lolicon H-games again? :laugh:
  8. the_redstar_swl

    Any interest in a 'Great Patriotic War' game?

    Thats fine with me, I've got a lot of stuff going on in real life so I don't think I'll be able to start the game untill after the new year.
  9. the_redstar_swl

    Any interest in a 'Great Patriotic War' game?

    I don't think we're going to get any other people, So make up a character and post them here. Start with Shooting and Fighting at d6 and Guts and Throwing at d4, 5 EXP points (One advance, Page 7 in the test drive rules) to show they have training and have seen a bit of combat. Characters...
  10. the_redstar_swl

    Any interest in a 'Great Patriotic War' game?

    Cool, I'm hoping for three or four players before starting the game but two should be fine. IMO a play by post game would be better due to the time zones.
  11. the_redstar_swl

    Any interest in a 'Great Patriotic War' game?

    No, Most of my gaming experience is with d20 system games (d20 Modern, Spycraft, D&D and Darwin's World) and a bit of Palladium. As to running it, I was thinking a play-by-post game and use the Irony Games dice server to deal with rolls or use Maptool. (Which I should probably figure out how...
  12. the_redstar_swl

    Any interest in a 'Great Patriotic War' game?

    Well? If I can get a couple of players I'd like to run a one-shot game with the Savage Worlds rules on here. Likely the characters would be in command of a squad/scout unit in the Red Army as they enter Germany. There are Test Drive Rules rules for the game here so nobody needs to have the...
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    Call of Duty 2 demo available now

    Downloading now.
  14. the_redstar_swl

    Could use some help with COD united offensive

    You ought to have Binoculars instead of your 2nd weapon IIRC, zoom in with those and target the AT gun.
  15. the_redstar_swl

    Which to get: CMAK or CMBB?

    Save your $$$ and then get all two of them :)
  16. the_redstar_swl

    Superpower 2

    Just a note to any one geting this It installs Starforce copy protection on your PC be warned
  17. the_redstar_swl

    Game Spy finaily reviewed Hearts of Iron

    Don't forget the Wargamer yeah I know what you mean about GS/IGN and such, GameSpot IMHO is one of the beter sites as people can post there revews of games so you can see if people actualy like the game. Now back to HOI, I have the game but I don't play it, IMO the learning curve is too...
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    Good UO servers?

    Just wondering if any one knows of some good servers to play on? The server I used to play on changed to mode from Base to S&D :eek:
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    I like the new site sidebar :D