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  1. Adamaniac 791

    Wii could be top selling console ever

    Look where the statement came from, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, of course he is going to say this to make Nintendo and the Wii look good. Although I wouldn't count this out, after all the Wii has been immensely successful.
  2. Adamaniac 791

    Cruise to play von Stauffenberg; family not thrilled.

    The bomb plot also failed as the meeting took place in a different room than planned (I believe it was supposed to take place in a bunker but it actually took place in a breakfast room or something), meaning the bomb was much less effective as the windows couldn't contain the explosion as a...
  3. Adamaniac 791

    Nintendo guru wants more happy games

    Hasn't the philosophy of both the DS and Wii to reach the largest target audience possible from the start? And both seem to be succeeding in their aims so far with the popularity of the DS and Wii being very high. The first reactions of "joy" and "glee" at the innovative control setups on both...
  4. Adamaniac 791

    Is Wii for younger gamers only?

    Definitely not. Recently, with the DS and the Wii it seems Nintendo have managed to appeal to pretty much all ages. I have heard adults who would usually call a PS2 a "game boy" talk about the Wii and how good it looks and generally I have overheard people of all sorts of different ages talking...
  5. Adamaniac 791

    Post Your PC

    My computer sucks badly compared to all of yours. Pentium 4 2.8ghz, 512mb RAM, 32mb graphics card, :kotz: 60gb HDD, DVD ROM drive, CD re writer drive, 3.5" Floppy drive, 4 USB ports, 17" CRT monitor, bog standard Windows keyboard, bog standard corded, ball operated wheel mouse, and...
  6. Adamaniac 791

    What Genre do you prefer?

    I have no interest in any of those games listed. However in terms of what genres I prefer I would probably say driving and action. Yes, I do have a rather limited choice of genres. Examples of games I like include the Metal Gear Solid series (my favourite game series, absolutely superb and...
  7. Adamaniac 791

    Should violent video games be banned?

    And there is the stigma that games are designed primarily for kids. Most games these days include violence in some form and many are aimed at adults. For example, games in the Metal Gear Solid series are aimed at adults and are usually rated 15+ because of the violence/blood involved. However as...
  8. Adamaniac 791

    Amazon PS3 and Wii

    Or people in general prefer the Wii? I already think the Wii is perhaps more popular amongst people than the PS3 in the UK at least, after all I keep overhearing people talking about the Wii all of the time and saying how the Wiimote looks fun to use etc... However I seem to hear less people...
  9. Adamaniac 791

    Amazon PS3 and Wii

    Lol, it shows how desperate the fans are to get their consoles, even after Christmas. It also shows that there is a higher demand for the Wii, unless there were more PS3 units available.
  10. Adamaniac 791

    first post from a wii

    Lol, could it be because Nintendo dislike Microsoft? :clown:
  11. Adamaniac 791

    Wii Opera Browser details revealed

    So when does it become available in the UK to download?
  12. Adamaniac 791

    My Wii is awaiting....

    Glad you guys (kaytronika and Bootaaay) got your wii's at the UK launch, especially considering the shortages. Have fun with them. ;)
  13. Adamaniac 791

    My Wii is awaiting....

    Just because there is a large proportion of people over here in Europe who like Sony consoles doesn't mean that there isn't a large proportion of people who like Nintendo consoles. In fact many of the aforementioned Sony fans are probably Nintendo fans too. :)
  14. Adamaniac 791

    About My Wii and Mii

    Married with Children? When Al paid the water bill and the water came out brown and crunchy?
  15. Adamaniac 791

    Graphics Comp... design my tattoo!!!

    But when he is old nobody will know what the hell Pacman is! :hehe: And neither will chuloopa if he goes senile (which is probably very likely considering how mad he is now! :hehe: ). :p
  16. Adamaniac 791

    About My Wii and Mii

    Heh, I have a feeling chuloopa is going to fit right in with all of this disturbing discussion going on! :rofl2:
  17. Adamaniac 791

    2006: 40 Activision Titles on 360

    Hey Dernhelm, may I ask why you are bringing up threads from September 2005? Most of the games in question are probably already out seeing as it is December 2006 now...
  18. Adamaniac 791

    Wii Advice

    Congrats man, have fun! :D
  19. Adamaniac 791

    Console platform choices

    PS3 for its free online service and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. :D Also for backwards compatability with my PS1/PS2 games (even if there are a few problems with that at the moment :(). Plus I could interact with a PS3 via my PSP which is a nice bonus (through the remote play...
  20. Adamaniac 791

    design your own cover thread

    By the creators of "Microsoft Sh*te Simulator 2004: A Century of Sh*te" comes "Microsoft Wombat Flight Simulator"! Ever wondered if you dropped a Wombat out of a plane or fired it from a very powerful catapult into the air it would fly? I thought not, but Microsoft Game Studios must have...