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  1. sebosebi

    Tables in rules transposed

    Correct, it will go in the Errata, their position have to be interchanged
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    ORSOGNA game now available from!!

    Advancing Fire Team is proud to announce that ORSOGNA game is now available from !!!
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    Orsogna Project

    They are coming!
  4. sebosebi

    Orsogna Project

    There is always a LOS between two connnected gully/stream adjacent hexes
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    Orsogna Project

    Counters on work for Orsogna game
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    Brevity Assault Question: Status of leaders directing gun fire

    Hello, it should have been in the rule, we didn't put it, so normal ASL rules should be followed. We may say that as long as the HIP leader is in the concealed Gun Location and directs its fire (i.e. not if he makes other concealment loss activities) he follows the condition of the Gun in terms...
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    Hello Matthias, yes sorry we were answering you. I'm sorry but we don't provide print and play...

    Hello Matthias, yes sorry we were answering you. I'm sorry but we don't provide print and play versions of our games. Thank you for your offer of the OBA counters, that are made very well, but we are not currently interested on them. Seb.
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    Hello, we postponed the project to 2024, second half
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    Night Bore Sighting

    In a Night scenario non-MG Bore Sighted Location must be within the Base NVR of the Gun/SW?
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    Custom MMC broken morale

  11. sebosebi

    Custom MMC broken morale

    Hello i wish to test a new German MMC, i'm using the GE 0-0-0 custom squad, i put the unbroken values in "Strenght", how i may put the broken morale value?
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    Orsogna Project

    We will see
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    Orsogna Project

    It should be Hungary, around Zamoly january 1945 operation Konrad II.
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    Orsogna Project

    Less than Prokhorovka, but there is something, yes. Simple. :)
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    Orsogna Project

    yes, it will exit in 2023, we hope with another game
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    Orsogna Project

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    Helllo, we don't answer to shipment issues on gamesquad, you will receive an answer by email
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    Village Terrain, Narrow Street and Road Bonus

    And if the unit moves N3 (building) - N2/M3 (hexside) - M2 i think it is the same, agree? Since exiting from a building excludes the application of a road rate
  19. sebosebi

    Village Terrain, Narrow Street and Road Bonus

    May the following sentence in B31.11 change something in the interpretation of the rule? "...Contrary to the 3.4 example, a unit moving along/across a Narrow Street hexside cannot enter an obstacle at the road MF rate..." If it is not road MF rate when the unit enter why you may apply road rate...
  20. sebosebi

    FT315 various

    Hello Scott, the LOS to the hexes defined in SSR2 as "treated as shallow stream hexes" is calculated as per A6.3 DEPRESSIONS? May the >= 28 Exit VP west of the river consist of all kind of units/status, i.e. broken units, abandoned AFV or unmanned Guns?