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    Would you consider "The Longest Day" a classic film?

    My two cents and change............ I would say that "The Longest Day" (TLD) is a classic film. To me TLD is a star studded tribute to the soldiers of D-Day. In it's time it probably made a huge impact on the film world and there was no other movie quite like it back then. However, by today's...
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    World Cup 2010 : who's gonna win the thing ??

    I was going to try hooking up a graphic equalizer between my tv and the amplifier to suppress some of those annoying buzzing frequencies. Or, I could just drink more beer! :toast: Hopp Schwyz!
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    World Cup 2010 : who's gonna win the thing ??

    Oh yeah! With the Swiss it's all about verteidigung (defense)! And they pulled this off with injuries to Senderos and their captain Frei! Get out your cowbells and party! Hopp Schwyz!
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    World Cup 2010 : who's gonna win the thing ??

    I'll have to go with Spain as well. Germany looked good but Australia wasn't much of a test. Two of the four German goals were after Australia had someone sent off with a red card so the score is a little deceiving. There was no denying that their passing game was spot on. Switzerland is my team...
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    New members introduce yourself here

    Hi Everyone, I'm doing this bass ackwards as I have made a few posts before introducting myself. I'm Eric and I have played ASL for ten years (kind of sounds like what you would say at an ASL Anonymous meeting!) Russell, are you HIP? You must be around somewhere in this forum. Chris, I'll be...