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  1. 'Ol Fezziwig

    Oh DC save me now..........

    "I regret that I have only one squad to give for my scenario"
  2. 'Ol Fezziwig

    Special OPS Issue #11

    That's a shame, as so many of their games. especially The Gamers products, are outstanding
  3. 'Ol Fezziwig

    HazMo 7 Left Behind

    Nah... just old veterans. You should see the 1980s grognards I've seen on the table
  4. 'Ol Fezziwig

    Wooden Infantry Bridges

    ... fair enough: could go with 'LOS through bridge artwork'
  5. 'Ol Fezziwig

    Wooden Infantry Bridges

    Doesn't seem to difficult: change 'road' to 'entrance hexsides'
  6. 'Ol Fezziwig

    Games You Are Playing not named Advanced Squad Leader

    Both of these are great systems
  7. 'Ol Fezziwig

    Manila perimeter drawing

    Are we sure it didn't?
  8. 'Ol Fezziwig

    Nor'Easter XXVII March 23-26th 2023

    Not one ...single....AAR
  9. 'Ol Fezziwig

    Can dug in afv be moved

    IMMOBILE and IMMOBILIZED are not the same thing.
  10. 'Ol Fezziwig

    More chrome

    Yeah, sure.... next thing you know you'll be suggesting using a fire table that has more columns to utilize every single possible FP ...:devilish: 💩💩💩
  11. 'Ol Fezziwig

    Precision Dice

    Play the game, not the dice
  12. 'Ol Fezziwig

    Marco Polo Bridge

    Noob-I tried laying Smoke with three mortars and broke all three
  13. 'Ol Fezziwig

    Ideas from The Last Hundred Yards

    I'm not a topic cop: I remembered being interested in TLHY when it was in development and I actually may have an early version of the rules somewhere. Never got to far as i recall, but, in all honesty, it's was meant as a be suggestion for you to explore if interested...or not. I, too, wished...
  14. 'Ol Fezziwig

    Ideas from The Last Hundred Yards

    IIRC, the rules for The be Last 100 Yards are available for download on GMTs website. Maybe a look is in order?
  15. 'Ol Fezziwig

    Marco Polo Bridge

    No way in Hell my mortars rip off a three hex Smoke screen in a single PFph...
  16. 'Ol Fezziwig

    ‘Best’ large scenario?

    As an addenda to my previous post, the two large scenarios in the To the Bridge! AP were a freakin' blast!
  17. 'Ol Fezziwig

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    ... maybe you need to revise your tactics...:p