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  1. Warbear

    SNIPER Activation

    Another question on Sniper Activation: What happens, if an activated Sniper runs offboard? Does he select his target from an imaginary offboard-hex? Or from the hex, where he left the board?
  2. Warbear

    VASL Overlay O5 missing

    Thx again for your patience - now it works. And I understand it a bit better now. My mistake was: installing VASL 664 on a new PC pointed to the wrong boards folder.
  3. Warbear

    VASL Overlay O5 missing

    Thx for your quick reply! The Standard Overlay Set gives me just ovrO (which I already had), not O1-O5. And setting up AP171 could not find O5 in my folder, nor could reload it. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Warbear

    VASL Overlay O5 missing

    Scenario AP171 requires Overlay O5. I don't have O1-O5 and could not find a site for a download.
  5. Warbear

    How Many Starter Kit Scenarios are There?

    15 years before I started with SK, one year later I started with full ASL. So far I've played about 800 scenarios (ASLSK + ASL). Actually I'm still playing ASLSK with friends who don't want to switch, and full ASL with other friends who are experienced ASL players. So I would like to see more...
  6. Warbear


    Infantry fires at a rider on a CE Tank and gets a 1KIA result. Is the rider killed, or the crew, or both, or is there a random roll?
  7. Warbear

    AFV concealment loss?

    Exactly this was the answer on my question and my understanding of the rules. Thx a lot for all replies ... 👍
  8. Warbear

    AFV concealment loss?

    Thanks! But I didn't want to ask for a To Hit, I wanted to ask for an Infantry shot against the AFV, which resulted in a Pin Task Check (on the IFT). My opponent mentioned that this would be enough to lose concealment.
  9. Warbear

    AFV concealment loss?

    A BU AFV (no PRC) is concealed in a woods hex. If HE fire into this hex results in a PTC, does the AFV lose concealment?
  10. Warbear

    Ideas for Starter Kits?

  11. Warbear

    Deluxe and SK boards use same identifier

    Any solution so far with SK boards k + l?
  12. Warbear

    Gun HIP/Concealment...

    Maybe you may set up concealed here, even if not in concealment terrain. :unsure:
  13. Warbear

    Scenario setup files? ?
  14. Warbear

    New ASLSK product from New England Volunteers

    Do you offer PDFs to avoid shipping cost?
  15. Warbear

    Assault Movement and smoke attempt

    I wrote: "enter another hex" ...
  16. Warbear

    Assault Movement and smoke attempt

    5. Spend 2 MF to attempt smoke in an adjacent hex and enter another adjacent hex
  17. Warbear

    SK4: Jungle?

    In Full ASL, Level of Jungle is 2. In SK4, I've found nothing about Level. As Jungle is like woods, is Level =1 here? It's important in scenario S71.
  18. Warbear

    Ideas for Starter Kits?

    I've created a German site for ASLSK - it contains a list: If anyone has or knows scenarios, which are not in the list, please send me a PN.
  19. Warbear

    Ideas for Starter Kits?

    From where could I get this one?
  20. Warbear

    So what Starter Kit Scenario have you played recently?

    I'm using the " ASL Vehicular Movement Status" by Ole Boe: I don't know if it's perfect, but it helps a lot ...