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  1. Doug Kirk

    St Louis ASL Tournament - July 28-30, 2023

    No. Jim may have forgotten or moved on. I haven't talked to him lately
  2. Doug Kirk


    Glad to hear ROAR has been updated. Hopeful it can be maintained. Personally I have no interest in the scenario archive, too much history on ROAR.
  3. Doug Kirk

    St Louis ASL Tournament - July 28-30, 2023

    Will do. At the moment Jim is having issues with the program he uses. Once he gets that straightened out, we can output the file.
  4. Doug Kirk

    St Louis ASL Tournament - July 28-30, 2023

    All games will be reported to ROAR in the near future.
  5. Doug Kirk

    Does ASL crop up in your dreams at all?

    It has caused me many sleepless nights due to not being able to quit rehashing and rethinking scenarios and mistakes. I just lay there and toss and turn unable to turn my mind off. But once asleep, no dreams about ASL.
  6. Doug Kirk

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    I couldn't disagree more on Take and Hold. The only chance the Americans have is the Javanese don't get smoke. If they get smoke it's a cake walk for the Japs. They clear the bridge quite easily with HtH and their reinforcements come on before the Americans. The Americans will never retake...
  7. Doug Kirk

    New ASL Journal announces Twilight of the Reich

    I agree. I bet it is also SSR heavy like the FB module, but I hope not.
  8. Doug Kirk

    Wouldn't it be neat if...?

    No, I know nothing. It's a what if thread I thought, just wishful thinking.
  9. Doug Kirk

    Wouldn't it be neat if...?

    ...Friendly Fire started producing scenarios again.
  10. Doug Kirk

    St Louis ASL Tournament - July 28-30, 2023

    Here is the scenario list for 2023. As usual, ABS will be available at the tourney. I hope to see you there! Round 1 J211 Breakthrough in the Arctic WO45 Better than Nothing J201 Careless at Bakri Q22 French Spirit PBP22 Morire in Belleza Round 2 Q25 Encounter at Le Valtru...
  11. Doug Kirk

    St Louis ASL Tournament - July 28-30, 2023

    Expect the scenario list around end of May/first of June.
  12. Doug Kirk

    China-Burma-India, Volume 2?

    Jim has done a lot of work on it. But he is not actively working on it now. I wouldn't hold your breath for it.
  13. Doug Kirk

    Is slow play at events a common occurrence?

    It's all in how you pose the question. I said it happens at every event I have attended. However it is always only a player or two and a couple games. So relative to how many players and how many games played it is not statistically alot or common but it happens. The answer is not chess...
  14. Doug Kirk

    March Madness 2023

    Dan, I am not going to make it this year. Gotta travel for work. You guys have fun.
  15. Doug Kirk

    J125 Expendable Allies

    This was fun one. Played vs Wes Vaughn. I too used all dummies as vehicles for maximum deception. I stacked the factory area heavily, including two ISUs and one of the T34s. This worked really well as Wes took all game to clear it. Unfortunately I set up too light on board 71 and allowed...
  16. Doug Kirk

    WO Bonus Pack 2023

    I am disappointed no one has posted pics of the maps yet.
  17. Doug Kirk

    ECZ15 The Best Defence

    Played this one as the German. My opponent put the trenches at the far end, opposite the village. I lost in a close one. Tough German attack on that end. The 4 range of the German squads really hampers you on that end of the board. Went all in on the recon roll, rolled horrid, lost the...
  18. Doug Kirk

    ECZ15 The Best Defence

    I haven't played any scenarios from this pack yet, but just looking at the card and the unit mix, this scenario jumped out at me as the pick of the litter and will be my first play.
  19. Doug Kirk

    Albany Tournament December 1st-4th All TD Communications Here

    When is the ECZ scenario pack coming out?
  20. Doug Kirk

    What Scenario Have You Played The Most?

    Rockets Red Glare 6 times. Death at Carentan and Acts of Defiance 5 times each. A dozen or more scenarios at 4 times each.