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  1. Jwil2020

    A8.26 Does a unit with wall advantage firing ADJACENT have its RF reduced?

    I'm probably misunderstanding this part of your answer. So apologies upfront. But are you saying that if a unit moves into a hex containing a building the RFP left could still be reduced (by the wall/hedge TEM) even though the firing unit was adjacent and firing through a wall/hedge over which...
  2. Jwil2020

    Bocage and Gullies

    Agree. He even used the same SME hex as an example.
  3. Jwil2020

    A23.6 Thrown DC

    Ah yes. I should have known all the info regarding thrown DCs would be not under the section titled "Thrown DC." :) Thanks again!
  4. Jwil2020

    A23.6 Thrown DC

    I thought as much. What threw me was that 23.6 says, "A thrown DC must add an additional +2 the target location..." But, "... the thrower's location receives a +3 DRM..." leaving out the word additional. I just wanted to make sure the missing qualifier did not negate other DRMs such as...
  5. Jwil2020

    A23.6 Thrown DC

    Thrown DC affects both the target and the thrower's location. Is the +3DRM to the attack resolution on the thrower cumulative with any terrain DRM of its location?
  6. Jwil2020

    StME 5-3-7 Sturm troops

    As you point out, the term Sturm was applied to other troops as well. However, as per the SME footnote, the 5-3-7 Sturm troops are meant to represent the troops of independent Sturm Battalions, not reinforced companies to augment existing regular army units. In the United States Army Official...
  7. Jwil2020

    PTO and SK PTO

    Prior to moving onto full ASL, I played through all the SK PTO scenarios. Like any other new rule section, it took a little detective work to sort through the new stuff. But I don't recall us ever running into a situation for which the RAW didn't have an answer. I'd also be curious to know where...
  8. Jwil2020

    Thoughts on Scenario E Hill 621?

    Yes. I know they justified the low ML with the premise that American soldiers broke quickly, but rallied quickly. Although I was never quite sure what historical references they used to support the second part of that premise. The immunity to DM only helped on the first rally phase. By the...
  9. Jwil2020

    Thoughts on Scenario E Hill 621?

    If true, that might explain how they ended up giving the American First Line infantry a GO ML no better than a Russian conscript. :rolleyes:
  10. Jwil2020

    The 50th Anniversary of the Release of Squad Leader. Any plans or ideas?

    The old John Hill classic that started it all was first released in 1977. 46 years ago. EDIT: They published a Fourth Edition of the rules in 1980, which gives an indication of its continued popularity after 3 years.
  11. Jwil2020

    Decision at Elst CG full with ASL rules.

    No. Nor, would I expect there to be. MMP has multiple HASL irons in the fire at the moment making converting a product specifically designed for SK to be used with ASL rules an unwise dissipation of resources. However, MMP is nearing the release of an HASL depicting Japanese v. Chinese fighting...
  12. Jwil2020

    Human Wave 7-9 July 2023

    +1 !
  13. Jwil2020

    Level 1 LOS over same hex Bocage hexside?

    What Robin said. Also, keep in mind the Bocage hex side is a one-level obstacle to LOS. So the unit at level one in K5 is not at a higher elevation. If the unit in K5 claims Voluntary Wall Advantage it can see all the hexes you mentioned including any units in H3, I3, and K2 as they would have...
  14. Jwil2020

    A7.11 and APh

    This! :)
  15. Jwil2020

    A7.11 and APh

    Fine by me. But if I may be permitted one more swat at this dead horse, it sounds like in this case convention is trumping the RAW.
  16. Jwil2020

    A7.11 and APh

    If that works for you and your playing partner, then more power to you. But what happens if it comes up in a game when no such house rule has been agreed upon? I guess that is getting to the point I was trying to make above. We all make sloppy moves (at least I do) but it still has to be a legal...
  17. Jwil2020

    A7.11 and APh

    Sounds reasonable, especially as it saves time. But then do you return the other unit(s) to the starting hex with the option of perhaps picking a different rout path that avoids the now-discovered interdiction?
  18. Jwil2020

    A7.11 and APh

    I think many players will rout several brokies in a stack at once when it is obvious to both players that there is no possibility of interdiction as a simple time-saving technique. However, that could become a bad habit as the rule is clear that units rout one at a time. My question would be...
  19. Jwil2020

    Use of SD and SP with a Recall Tank - D5.341 RECALL

    Philosophical journey of an ASL player: Phase One: "This game is awesome! And so realistic!" Phase Two: "This game is awesome! But I notice a couple of things that don't seem realistic." Phase Three: "This game is awesome! But I've noticed more things that don't seem realistic. Hopefully, I can...