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  1. Legion

    What boardgames have you played recently?

    Neverwinter Nights 2 Campaign Now starting to play X3 with a passion
  2. Legion

    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    Been listening to heaps of She Wants Revenge; it is a kind'a mix of Joy Division and Nine Inch Nails
  3. Legion

    What material would you like to see made into a movie?

    Would love to see the Battletech stuff made into a movie... a good movie, not some cheap-expensive special effects bore (if that makes sense). I wanted to see Starship Troopers made into a movie, and the result was exactly what i fear a Battletech movie would be like I have always wanted to...
  4. Legion

    Boresighting M/HMGs

    Is it legal to boresight MMG or HMG? Cannot find it in my tattered old rule book, but felt sure it was in there...
  5. Legion

    Tacticians or Lawyers?

    Hard to find a better definition of 'rules lawyer' than this, Mark
  6. Legion

    Tacticians or Lawyers?

    "Playing for Sheep-stations" is an Aussie expression stating that you are putting a lot on the line... it is usually used in a derogatory way - to say that it is not as though one is playing for control of heaven and earth! In Oz we have sheep-stations in the outback that are the size of...
  7. Legion

    ABtF AAR!

    OK, the AARs should be up soon (if not now) in the AAR section Having read the rules i can now see the terrible mistake i made with CG24 (German Reinforcement Night Entry), so do not all rush to point out the error! I...
  8. Legion

    Big MMP Announcement from Brian

    Fantastic news, keep up the good work! :joy:
  9. Legion

    Tacticians or Lawyers?

    :laugh: No, actually a discussion JP and i have been having made me think of it... of the useless hours spent arguing over a +1 here or there... but i must say that in general i do find it frustrating... it is a game, we are not playing for sheep-stations and sometimes the strict adherance to...
  10. Legion

    Tacticians or Lawyers?

    At least games between tacticians flow better and move faster... Rules lawyers take too long!
  11. Legion

    Computer ASL

    "'Cause it's all about money ain't a damned thing funny, gotta have a car in this land of milk and honey..." etc... Credits to GrandMaster Flash and the Furious Five
  12. Legion

    ABtF AAR!

    18N game Just finished the 18N game and hope to have the AAR up within a few days; whilst this game lacked the action of some of the previous games it did set the scene for the real battle that will follow. JP has claimed Blocks V, W, X, Y, Z and Q; this is essentially the entirety of the...
  13. Legion

    E1.92 Starshell Usage

    Reepicheep i guessed you have been chatting with him... know you are desperate for the points on this one! :laugh: They cannot fire SS's but i am currently looking for the rule... give me a sec... got it G12.124 "Aside fron (un)loading the only actins allowed by LC Passengers are MC/TC...
  14. Legion

    B 6.4, B12.424, and G13.7 Scaling

    Reepicheep that looks just fine for me and the 88mm of death waiting for you to try it! B6.4 states that to scale the unit must be in the Bridge hex, but as a unit may not enter a Stone Pier's lower location (G13.73) this makes it impossible...
  15. Legion

    Rules I dont like

    Thats what they are supposed to do, dont sweat it! Just make sure you hold the Chateau! (see me AAR in the AAR Section) Rule #1 with HASLs the initial defender needs excellent Personal Morale!
  16. Legion

    Edison's Ridge CG

    While i think it would be crazy to make the end of game's for CGs fixed instead of random i do totally agree that 6 turns as a base is not enough...
  17. Legion

    Battlefield Integrity (revisited, again)

    Da Priest, If your mythical right flank has LOS to a unit then telepathy allows it to be Known to the left flank too; i find that a much harder concept to wrap my poor brain around than a force's cohesion under sustained and obviously assault. As we bring up so often here, it is a game and...
  18. Legion

    Battlefield Integrity (revisited, again)

    Just like BI - voting in polls is entirely optional. :laugh: Pity end of game dr's in CG's are not, right? :devil:
  19. Legion

    Battlefield Integrity (revisited, again)

    Yes, this is the essence of BI, and also why it is essentially an integral part of HASL/CG. The use of BI makes a commander start to be aware of the effects of a war of a attrition. Having never played ASL without BI i cannot see how it can be an addition and therefore some external and extra...
  20. Legion

    Battlefield Integrity (revisited, again)

    I have voted for 'Only with big scenarios and HASL/CG' - it rarely has any effect on any small scenarios or in scenarios with limited Turns - i would play it for ASL10 The Citadel for instance.