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  1. sdkfz

    Twin Cities ASL 2/8/20-- VALENTINE'S DAY

    I plan to be there. Part of my 'play more in 2020' resolution. 'Winning more' we leave till a future decade. I have a spare LFT Seoul HSL for sale.
  2. sdkfz

    Separate or Shared Dice?

    Dice tower (Pleva Stealth 4400) only. Always have a white in the mix, I am also color blind - both of my board twelves have the hidden hill in T1/S1- first time I found out about the hill it ruined a rear shot from a Shemran on a StuG. Yeah - it is a moment burned into memory Share or not -...
  3. sdkfz

    Counter storage options

    Plano 3701 I use the above mentioned 3701's exclusivley, being both red/green and blue/green color blind I have had to resort to a somewhat more 'anal' counter sort. An example of my color blindness impairment is flashing yellow or red stop lights, until I am close enough to see which light it...
  4. sdkfz

    Schwerpunkt #10 Update

    So I am going to presume that this one will be better than usual (which is hard to beleive) with the added storm? Stay dry and safe......
  5. sdkfz

    Brian Youse on CSW and Pay to Post

    Saw this on CSW from Brian Youse "CSW will move over to read-only status for all non-subscribers on September 1st. This is admitted far better than what was first announced (no access), but is not an acceptable solution for serving MMP customer's needs vis-a-vis questions, errata posts, etc. We...
  6. sdkfz

    Good ASL Products?

    Check out the marketplace on consim world, Tom Morin is selling off quite a bit of stuff
  7. sdkfz

    What's your favorite WWII tank?

    Fav German Tank Hmmmm, of all the German tanks I'd take the Pz Kpfw V Ausf F, never made it to production, but the schmal turret sure would have made for a hard to hit hull down target. As to best tank of the war, I'd take the Panther G model with the chin on the turret starting 9/44. Sure...
  8. sdkfz

    HoB Waffen SS packs

    OK, hope you got all the counters considering now how they are no longer available for purchase
  9. sdkfz

    HoB Waffen SS packs

    HOB Counter Sheets I've got unpunched sets, do you have an e mail size restriction? I don't want to scan them at too high a resolution and blow your e mail away. Also you want them at the e mail in you post? There are 4 half sheets so I can do it in four separate e mails.... sdkfz
  10. sdkfz

    June 22nd Operation Barbarossa

    Chronology of War Site Fred et al. Here is a site with what I beleive is the latest version (7) of the list: It has 'sort' buttons at the top for easy use, For that you will need excel, but the download also has a csv format for import into...
  11. sdkfz

    HOB BtB and other things

    Twin Cities area update- Package received today- now for the hard part, I am so behind at work yet this looks so nice, work --asl work--asl aarrgghhh!!! Very nice looking product Steve, Thank you
  12. sdkfz

    Board 1 Ques.

    More Map Issues OK I pulled my COI issue of the board (COI came with unmounted boards to glue over the original due to hex size differences) - One building - two hexes. Then I pulled my recently purchased copy cause the old one is starting to show it's age - same thing - one building- two...
  13. sdkfz

    Restoring used components

    works for books so.... give this site a read
  14. sdkfz

    Plastic X "moved" markers

    Countertroll, So I assume that after that move you said: "Great, everywhere I look - I see X's that are now all CX" Could not resist
  15. sdkfz

    Plastic X "moved" markers

    You can also get them from Home depot, they are spacers for setting ceramic tiles. The idea being that you put the + between the four tiles and butt the tiles in tight around them so the grout lines are all a uniform size. The spacers come in a good selection of sizes for all of the differnet...
  16. sdkfz

    rougue boards 9-11

    hmmm... slow typing.... They tried a new artist and actually issued the boards, the art work was very sub par - I have them as well as the scenario pack, taken from the back of Scenario R213 - "The Rougue Series 200 scenarios are so named because they use substandard Squad Leader boards 9,10...
  17. sdkfz

    Rulebook binding

    Spiral and comb binding can have new material added, BUT sometimes the new material does not 'line' up with the old so that the section stands proud at the top or bottom and of course is sunken at the other end. Been there and done that, but it was work stuff so it was OK (well sort of) This...
  18. sdkfz

    Number of posts per rank

    What are the numbers needed for each rank?
  19. sdkfz

    Anyone receive their BtB yet?

    Nope, not yet.....
  20. sdkfz

    Opportunity Fire - when to use?

    While I do not take advantage of it as much as I should/could I typically use it when there is a concealed stack that I need to clear out and I am aiming for close combat as a final resort in this player turn. This way the unit I am assaulting has the choice of the concealed status for CC but...