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  1. howlingfang

    Morale cap and modifiers

    I'm relatively new to ASL but I do know that most games (especially those with very explicit, tournament type rules) have the game automatically and continuously evaluating game state. To me when the game checks the current morale level for the fanatic, encircled leader it sees those two ML...
  2. howlingfang

    Buy scenarios

    The irony is, when the only two copies on eBay are $475 and $313 and I only want the smallest fraction of their content MMP's business model is driving me towards the black market even where I would gladly pay a reasonable amount. It's kind of like the demise of video stores driving consumers...
  3. howlingfang

    Buy scenarios

    I was able to acquire the British order of battle through West of Alamein but would very much like to play the scenarios from FKaC. I can get the individual map boards from that expansion from MMP but what can I do to get the actual scenarios. Is there any way to (legitimately) get just the...
  4. howlingfang

    Hi. Regarding looking for players in Edmonton, AB: my email is I...

    Hi. Regarding looking for players in Edmonton, AB: my email is I think this is what you meant by PM but I'm not sure as I'm new to gamesquad. Thanks for the super quick response, BTW.
  5. howlingfang

    FTF: Edmonton, AB

    Looking for FTF opponents in Edmonton, AB. I'm playing ASLSK#1 right now but have the full rules on the way. Looking for experienced mentor or another newbie to struggle along with me.