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  1. nebel

    INOR5 Bois de la Hache Question

    thanks - it was not clear because the setup reference specifically referred to the SSR
  2. nebel

    INOR5 Bois de la Hache Question

    French setup restriction says the French may not setup in Open Ground and refers to SSR2 which says both sides may setup entrenched in suitable terrain. Is it permissable then to setup in an open ground hex as long as I am entrenched thus providing TEM and not "Open Ground"?
  3. nebel

    Soviet KV-6 top down view?

    Here is more information on the origins of the beast
  4. nebel

    ASLOK 2023 Releases?

    This sounds great!
  5. nebel

    VASL6.6.7-beta2.vmod released

    Small dice please
  6. nebel

    Linked scenarios/mini campaign

    Haven’t seen anyone call out Operation Merkur from HOB a few (too many) years back.
  7. nebel

    Radioless off board setup.

    Still treated as radioless and if offboard may enter by itself but once onboard will need to pass a task check to move each turn (after the turn of entry).
  8. nebel

    MMP Journal 14 - Pre-Order is UP!

    Also this if you need a(nother) copy:
  9. nebel

    MMP Journal 14 - Pre-Order is UP! Features ANZACs Looks like I am second in line!
  10. nebel

    Can the broken squad ignore R6 as a rout destination?

    Gonna need to Dodge during rout!
  11. nebel

    ASL North Texas Shoot Out - Nov. 11-13, 2022

    I am in for a trip to Ft Worth this year too!
  12. nebel

    ASL Scenario Archive keeps getting better and better

    Hmm or perhaps their own website?:unsure:
  13. nebel

    Inexperience Heat of Battle

    Thanks! I new that must have been answered before but couldnt find it
  14. nebel

    Inexperience Heat of Battle

    Is a broken green unit stacked with a good order leader subject to inexperienced +1 DRM on a heat of battle roll?
  15. nebel

    Best CG games that fit this description...

    Another vote for Ozerekya Bay. Great fun and very straightforward both sides attack and defend and good mix of elite and standard units.
  16. nebel

    Kreta errata ?

    Per OM2 a unit in a hex with a riverbed - ground level hexside can gain crest status along that hexside(s). Other hexes of the river bed are -1 level hammada.
  17. nebel

    Who has played Hell's Bridgehead?

    this pack definitely had some good ASL talent develop and test it. I’ve played a few of the scenarios and enjoyed them. The magazine Critical Hit#6.4 has extra scenarios an additional map and a designers notes which are aslo recommended.
  18. nebel

    MMP’s website states it’s shipping HL preorders!

    The convoy is rolling for bog checks in hamada?
  19. nebel


    Thanks JR enjoyed reading about our adventure! 🆒 Hope we get a chance to face off again soon!
  20. nebel

    Gembloux question

    If you have a copy of the Platoon Leader campaign game rules it should be defined there. At least it is in v3.0 of that rule set. Essentially it gives the player who purchases it in a refit phase the opportunity to attack in the next campaign scenario date.