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  1. Mr Incredible

    Bridge TEM

    Whilst on this TEM thing, when does the +1 TEM come into play? Is it only when it enters the hex and clips/crosses the bridge artwork? Or, if it is not directly down the road, is it +1, irrespective of if it clips/crosses the bridge artwork?
  2. Mr Incredible

    Hollow Legions, 3rd Edition now available for preorder!

    Nothing new for me except maybe the SotN stuff. Really can't justify paying AU$263 for 8 scenarios and some counters. This time I will have to pass.
  3. Mr Incredible

    Italian 3-4-7 Battle Hardens

    Yup. 347s can be short lived things, never to return. And to think how stylish they look with their capercaillie feathers in their caps. Such a shame to lose them.
  4. Mr Incredible

    Dash Legality

    Well, if he states he is dashing from one side of the N6-O7 road to the other, then that would appear legal: Infantry may declare a Dash through a road Location if it declares a Dash move to a particular location prior to moving, and then moves from a non-Open Ground Location on one side of...
  5. Mr Incredible

    Italian 3-4-7 Battle Hardens

    A15.3 is clear how units BH. A25.6 Gives examples of how a 347 and 346 are replaced if they suffer ELR failure, that being 336s. It also gives guidance as to how the 336 BHs, which is to a 346 and NOT a 347. The trees show examples of ELR failure, they show nothing about BHing. It does not...
  6. Mr Incredible

    MMP Updates 2021

    Just putting things in perspective from an antipodean POV. postage for some items is just as much if not more than the item. that bites hard and is becoming a big deterrent to the game I love playing.
  7. Mr Incredible

    MMP Updates 2021

    Is it just me, or have the shipping prices also gone up, especially to OS?? Not just a little, but a LOT.
  8. Mr Incredible

    Unarmed units for Victory Points

    Swimming is optional. I can only assume you both agreed to it prior to the start of the scenario? just sayin' 😜
  9. Mr Incredible

    More FUN with Routing!!

    If NQ is not in effect they have to surrender in M5. O3 can be ignored in the refigured destination as it is the same distance from the 228. N2 is closer so is a NoGo. P4 has to be chosen as it is further rom L2 being the refigured destination from M5. It is also 4 hexes from N7 when it starts...
  10. Mr Incredible

    Height Advantage and Interdiction

    Foxholes are explicitly different as described in the rules. Hills are not.
  11. Mr Incredible

    198 A Breezeless Day 447 ELR 3 or 5?

    If there are no other Squad types I believe the ELR is 3. See A19.13 & 19.132
  12. Mr Incredible

    Murphy's Laws Of ASL Combat

    When firing your first shot of a HIP Gun at a BS hex with an enemy unit, the chances of the Gun malfing is proportional to the importance of the shot.
  13. Mr Incredible

    Smoke Dispenser and Defenisve Fire

    sM can be especially nasty. You can lob smoke into the opponent's hex (8 or less if CE and you have't started moving yet), start up and drive up adjacent and bang away at him.
  14. Mr Incredible

    SPW 251/9 CMG in HiF

    Do these little beauties have the Optional 4FP CMG or not in the CG? Can't find a ruling either way. D1.84 doesn't clear things up as there's no counter in the CG roster and there's none on any scenario card as far as I can see. ?????
  15. Mr Incredible

    Bailing Out

    Does the mere fact of changing the TCA cause a Bailing Out NMC? Is changing the TCA the same as "terrain restrictions" in D6.21? Never noticed this before.
  16. Mr Incredible

    INF OVR v SMC with Disrupted MMC

    Question for the hive mind. Can a MMC conduct an Infantry OVR v an SMC which is only stacked with disrupted MMCs?
  17. Mr Incredible

    +2 or HD?

    Now, I must be going daft or something. I seemed to recall that a vehicle behind a wall could claim either HD OR the +2 TEM. Re-reading the tome, it is clear in D4.21 that only HD can be claimed. Is that correct? Was there ever the ability to claim the +2 TEM and that has been errataed away?
  18. Mr Incredible

    MMP Updates 2020

  19. Mr Incredible

    Leader location in a stack

    If I am setting up as the Defender, I will generally put leaders on the bottom with possession of SWs and the squads on top. Once "?" have been placed I will then transfer the SW to the squad and then put the leader on top. Makes it easy to then remember there's a leader there and their MC is...