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    J237 Commandos at Kaiapit AAR

    Played this last night against Michael H-L as the Australians. Michael (as expected ) pulled every Japanese trick out of the book but I slowly pushed him back to the village with a hook up each flank. The last turn saw a desperate effort to take and control three hut hexes, a 24-1 shot and Smoke...
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    J237 Commandos at Kaiapit AAR

    Thought so. Great AAR by the way! 😀
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    J237 Commandos at Kaiapit AAR

    About to play this and by PTO rules the road doesn’t exist and the bridge is a “dry” ford. However the setup instructions mention printed road hex’s, presumably only for setup purposes, otherwise Open Ground? This AAR certainly seemed to have the bridge as a bridge, not a ford.
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    Albany Tournament December 1st-4th All TD Communications Here

    Playing Michael is always a pleasure, even though the wins are very few and far between! And I ALWAYS learn something when we play.
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    Supporting Fire 2022, 18-20 November

    So how did it end? Did Mel win again! 😂
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    Supporting Fire 2022, 18-20 November

    Starting today, wish I could be there with you all! Have a great tournament and Roll Low! 🎲🎲
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    Nice AAR! Great pictures. We played this recently as well. Went down to the last CC, with the Japanese eking out a victory with 2 HS and a leader alive in the factory, while the flames consumed pretty much the whole central area.
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    ASL Bell Tolls

    Really sad to hear this. I lost touch with Håkan when he stopped playing ASL, but I enjoyed many games with him back when he was working in Denmark and miss his “enthusiastic” approach to accepting the vagaries of dice! Yet another loss to the ASL community.
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    Supporting Fire 2021 November 19-21

    Funny, I got a case of the man-flu on Tuesday after the tournament as well. Still coughing but also C19 negative! Thanks again for running a brilliant show, fantastic to see so many old friends and some newer ones, and hope to see everyone again next year. 😀
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    Identify the AT Gun

    Steven Zaloga in ‘The Devil’s Garden’ pages 79-81 has several pictures of these pedestal-mounted 50mm AT guns (5cm KwK Behelfssockellafette). From 1942 on about 1800 were used for coastal defense.
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    Supporting Fire 2021 November 19-21

    I will ease some of the tension by revealing that I didn’t win it! 😀 Many thanks to Andreas and the other Round Directors for yet another fantastic weekend of fun and cardboard mayhem. And many thanks as well to my five opponents who were all great to play!
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    New challenge

    Funny, I thought the exact opposite! If someone is firing a HMG with 850 rpm I would want to be very sure of which part of the woods I was walking in! 😬
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    Do any of you guys remember this game?

    I had a copy in Australia during the seventies. No idea what happened to it unfortunately.
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    Thanks to Bo and Michael for yet another great tournament. Nice new location, great to be playing with cardboard and dice again , and most importantly, being able to sit across the table from some great people. 😀
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    See you all tomorrow! The Danish Health authorities today released new C19 guidelines saying it’s ok to shake hands again… but first from Saturday… I guess “The Pando” ends tomorrow. 😆
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    Magnus Hindsberger

    I’ve sent Magnus a mail that you’re looking for him. He’s not active in the ASL world at the moment, but I know he still has all his stuff, so hope you might tempt him back into the fold. :)
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    Minefield clearance

    “Sir, can you look at this and tell me if I’m doing it right?” ...
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    I played an incredible game of BoF17 No Time to Bleed as the SS against the formidable Bo Siemsen. By Russian Turn 6 the exit option was not possible, but only two AFVs (of 13!) remained in play, a T-34 with Malf’ed MA, and an Immobilized Tiger, with the turret side on to the recently repaired...
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    TCASL 4/10/21-- ANZACs (COVID-19 Edition)

    As opposed to a “longneck” 750 mls!
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    The dates for ASO 2021 will be AUGUST 13-15. With optional friendly gaming and early arrivals on AUGUST 12th. Updated in the calendar! I’ll be there!