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  1. aiabx

    ASLOK XXXVI - October 2nd-9th, 2022

    Bad news for Team USA in the World Cup, I won't be able to make it this year, so you'll have to fatten your scores on someone else. My usual driver (Jeff Wasserman) rolled a 12 and is laid up with back issues, and car rentals are insanely expensive this year. Next year for sure!
  2. aiabx

    how many scenarios do you own?

    1692, according to the database. But I have to say, probably a third of those will never get played - too big, too small, too complicated, too bland, or, to be honest, too poorly rated in ROAR or the Scenario Archive. Life is too short to play dogs, I won't have time to get through all the good...
  3. aiabx

    Which nationality has the most authentic " flavor "

    Japanese, ANZACs and Gurkhas. Toss them into the jungle and you get something unique, and it feels like the real historical accounts.
  4. aiabx

    ASL Bell Tolls

    Very sad. He was a great guy.
  5. aiabx

    Season's Greetings!

    Happy and Healthy Holidays to everyone out there! Looking forward to seeing you all in better times!
  6. aiabx

    [POLL] Do you play other games than ASL?

    I've only played a couple of games of Wingspan on friend's copies, but I enjoyed it a lot. I'm hoping my hints were received and Santa brings a copy. edit: Santa did his job! Defeated the wife and her sister in our first game!
  7. aiabx

    Ersatz VASLeague 2021

    Thank you for running this for us.
  8. aiabx

    Is the divorce rate higher amongst ASL players?

    Throw in all the money I've dropped on tournaments and travel and scenario packs I haven't even cracked and I think you need to be looking at pretty fancy hookers for that to be true.
  9. aiabx

    Is this cheating

    I assume that my opponent is like me and is still playing some rules wrong after decades in the game. Reminding each other of what's supposed to happen helps us both with the game. (Exception - I won't remind you about the victory conditions in a tournament game).
  10. aiabx

    [POLL] Do you play other games than ASL?

    Rails and Sails/Great Lakes is the current number one here, but Pennsylvania is right up there. If there's only 3 of us, Nordic Countries and then the knives come out.
  11. aiabx

    [POLL] Do you play other games than ASL?

    Yeah, I play a lot of non-ASL boardgames with the wife and our friends. Ticket to Ride, Power Grid, that kind of thing.
  12. aiabx

    Historically Appropriate or Historically Accurate, which term do you prefer?

    I said other. My vote is for fun. Accuracy is impossible, given the nature of the game, and I'm not even sure appropriate is possible, given the broad brush of national characteristics and the weird rules that lead to tanks chasing each other around buildings to get a rear shot. I just enjoy the...
  13. aiabx

    MMC Capabilities: which is the most important to you?

    Morale is my number one factor. Range and firepower don't matter much when your boys are running for their lives.
  14. aiabx


    Take care of yourself!
  15. aiabx

    Rommel, the Bold Swabian

    I've always suspected that the cooler the nickname the enemy has given you, the more likely it was actually made up by your own press agents. Obviously I wasn't there, but whenever I've read memoirs, you read things like "the Germans called us the Bloody Corpse Stabbers because of our sawtooth...
  16. aiabx

    ASLOK XXXV (the Redux) - October 3rd thru 10th, 2021

    Not if I’m staying home!
  17. aiabx

    ASLOK XXXV (the Redux) - October 3rd thru 10th, 2021

    I won’t be at this year’s ASLOK after all. I hope to see you all in 2022. -Andy Beaton
  18. aiabx


    Yesterday, according to, 1565 Americans died of COVID. With ~1/8 the population, 29 Canadians died. That leads me to suspect that maybe we're doing something right. The thing about something called a novel coronavirus is that the "novel" means new. So...
  19. aiabx


    I am incapable of providing proof that the COViD pandemic is not a big conspiracy between the WHO, CDC, Canadian Health Ministries, the Chinese Communist Party, Pfizer, Dr Fauci, the Queen of England and the Gnomes of Zurich. If you're that deep into conspiracy theories, there's nothing I can...
  20. aiabx


    What I said: What the Ontario Ministry of Health said: Does that really qualify as "much different"? Look, I'm glad no one you know has been killed or badly affected by COVID. You're lucky. That is not true for me or for many others. To me, you're sounding like the guy who pulled the trigger...