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    VOTG wrecks

    A vehicle would be part of the defined equipment, however the question is over how you define a wreck. Specifically as the rules allow you to recover your own wrecks but do not allow you to recover your opponents wrecks. A wreck is not an AFV, so I am not sure that it meets the definition of...
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    VOTG wrecks

    Technically a wreck is not equipment so I did not think this rule applied to get rid of enemy tanks. Will use this for both sides if/when it applies after each day going forward.
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    VOTG wrecks

    Playing the VOTG CG IV and have read the rules a lot over wreck recovery. It seems that other than rolling a 6 (on two different attempts) nothing kills tanks permanently in the CG other than being burned out - regardless if the wreck is in another sides perimeter. How do you easily...
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    VOTG - Dug in Tank being re-HIP'ed at night

    Can a known armored cupola be setup HIP a second time to avoid having a known unit for releasing Freedom of Movement? This is the first day night counter attack and the Russian wants to spend CPP to HIP a unit. We know it cannot be setup concealed, but nothing specifically says you cannot...
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    Designers' Response to Desperation Morale Review of "Death To Fascism" scenario pack

    Good, generally balanced scenarios with fog of war is a good thing that should happen more often. How can someone from 600 yards away know that is where officer X and support weapon Y is located? Eventually you pretty much know where everything is located, it just takes time and actual use to...
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    Leader location in a stack

    I start them at the bottom of the stack if they can gain concealment - no free peek before temporarily hiding. Then don't care and almost always move em to the top of the pile to make it simpler. The only time I tend to hide them is to put broken units on top of them to remember more easily...
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    Silly after action report - Fratelli

    Next time remind them to bring their loaded dice to fight.
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    ‘Best’ large scenario?

    BFP29 Hueishan Docks BFP83 The Second Belt Both are top notch and very balanced and extremely large - giving a cushion for a bad roll or three. They are two of my all time favourites even if I have only played them twice each. I think the Docks is the best early war scenario ever done as...
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    Corregidor: the Rock Errata

    A number of questions / clarification questions on the Corregidor campaign: Wind is specified in the CG as coming from the West. This could be from "sniper" direction 5 or 6. Is there a default direction or do you roll for each scenario? The non-playable gray hexes - what level are they (it...
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    DB147 Bandits and Bolsheviks and AP142 The Closer

    I think the dice hosed me. I had at least 5 chances of 30% or more to kill one last tank (or have mine survive) to win the scenario. Another rare to play rule that I had not known.
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    RB05 The Last Bid & RO05 Men of Steel combined scenario AAR

    40 CPP is worth it for the booby traps in a full campaign. The extra losses from rolling 11 on task checks usually adds 1-2 squads per day when you have large numbers of troops on the board. Does not seem like much, but 4 fortified locations really don't help as much when the game is about...
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    RB05 The Last Bid & RO05 Men of Steel combined scenario AAR

    Both are tough, long scenarios with tons of death. I tried Men of Steel and the Russian losses in 4 turns were 18 or 19 squads, with German losses at 8 or 9 squads. The squad losses are more important than the location control - similar to the impact on the campaign scenarios if one side runs...
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    We are trying to figure it out as we just played the first day and can "modify" a few items since the US did not see any of the upper levels (taking over the maggot valley). If you can trade fortified buildings for 8 each I would buy 2.5 of them for each FPP purchased tunnel directly. This...
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    A question on the FPP cost of Tunnels. The Note 14 says that the cost for tunnels is lowered due to the extensive use of them in real life. The FPP cost is 20 per tunnel. The FPP cost of the "rulebook" tunnel - a fortified location - is 8 FPP. How is 20 cheaper than 8 to make this...
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    CtR: CGII Assault on Fortress Corregidor

    Just got the pack and have a question for the air landing. The rule for air drop says in/adjacent to a building takes a MC (2 MC on scenario 1). Is there clarification that you take multiple MC if you land beside many buildings or is that the way you interpreted it in play. Also, the...
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    ASLOK XXXIV - Official TD AAR

    Congratulations Chad for another tourney win. Thanks again to Bret, Bill and others for running such a fine tournament.
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    Red October Campaign Game II

    3 reserve companies (2 SMG, 1 infantry) 40 FPP and 80mm OBA to harrass the German advance. Deal with the dug-in tanks on Day 2 when you have an idea where the line will be. Tanks that are dug-in are annoying but will just die to CC. The cost of 2 points is far too high when you have to get...
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    Red October Campaign Game II

    On Day 1 you can buy 3 companies in reserve including SMG Coy which only cost 3 so they can save a point or two for something else to buy. For the campaign, who cares if the Germans interdict the entry area? It only matters if you enter units on those hexes, which you don't have to do: Reserve...
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    The western map edge in Red Barricades CGs

    The negative of mines early is (a) they cost a lot per factor, (b) you need ? and HIP , and (c) you have lots of needs for CPP for troops so buying large amounts of mines is tough if you are under major pressure due to having to hold ground. But yet, mines are good. Just in small amounts as...
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    You Big Dummy!

    Best dummy use was in VOTG in defense using a number of stacks of dummies (to draw German MG stacks FP) + partial HIP (one squad + mg in a good hex with 2 other squads + 2 MG + leader HIP) to blow up Germans after they waste fire on the dummy stacks. This was setup over a number of hexes and...