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    Could the Conflict Of Heroes solo system work for ASL?

    Hi Michael, The rules and basic cards are here For the nicer cards that I use in the video, visit the discussion group on Boardgame Geek and go towards the end of the thread to get a dropbox link. They should also be...
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    Could the Conflict Of Heroes solo system work for ASL?

    Not sure if anyone is interested, but I have been elaborating on the idea I posted here and have been experimenting with a card driven ASL AI that can play normal scenarios for almost a year. Just recorded a few videos showing how things work: Rules have been pretty stable for about 6 months...
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    Is there such a thing as a Public Copyright?

    For most purposes it should be. Even the existence of your threads on here help to prove that you are the owner of the material. For a little bit more assurance, you can go see a notary or drop a copy in an envelope and mail it to yourself...
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    D Day +1 Spearhead

    IMHO, The real weakness of CM is making a static defense fun for the defender after the set-up is done. Are you at least able to move a little or are you stuck in fortifications? If the latter, sounds like mostly a movie watching exercise. Just peeked at teh have tanks to play...
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    Newbie needing guidance

    I just started playing this one again as well and wouldn't mind a PBEM. Send me an e-mail with the scenarios you're thinking about.
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    TOAW Wishlist: What would you like to see changed or enhanced...

    This is a really, really old discussion but I've noticed a lot of interest in an open-source gaming engine. I happened to stumble on this a few days ago, and thought I'd pass it on. Haven't tried it myself though.
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    Bread Factory #2

    You often aren't able to keep a line of many units in covering terrain with LOS to the target, in a city. In Guards Counterattack, you must stack. here I think you may have a point - the rubble and shellholes everywhere makes it much easier. Stacking heavily with the 9-2 leader might make sense...
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    Is something missing from the site??

    Yeah some of the posts right on the boundary of the move appear to have been lost.
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    Bread Factory #2

    I'm playing this one right now and I'm finding it a scary attack from the German side. Anyone else play it super-aggresively and actually place the 9-2 and the rest of that group in the shellholed road adjacent to one of the victory buildings? People on another board have mentionned that you...
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    Any Interest In A Newbie Tournament???

    I've just been looking at this guy figuring out what I'm going to do. I've pretty much settled down on an approach. The foxhole move. I'm kind of expeting it. I wouldn't call it a sleaze - it's very iffy, on the same order as how lucky the airborne are getting some of their smoke rolls. If I...
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    Firelanes and Cowering

    Again, the v2 Rulebook seems to be worth its weight in gold. Is _everything_ that much clearer in the new one than the old one???
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    Firelanes and Cowering

    Just wondering how people handle whether a firelane is lost on a cowering result or not (9.22). The vanilla v1 rulebook would seem to indicate the firelane is lost (because the cower leads to the placement of final fire on the unit/gun even if the gun is fired alone). But then I checked the...
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    Those 76 Tactiques Scenarios

    Oh man, that site brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful, just beautiful. Thanks!
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    Those 76 Tactiques Scenarios

    I've been surfing around trying to beef up my scenario collection (...lots of dead links out's a little sad) and it looks like there was a great collection of 76 Tactiques scenarios available at one point or another (...and actually that Coastal Fortress site looks like it must have...
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    Any Interest In A Newbie Tournament???

    Hi Sam, Nice to see invites like this. Wish there were more game announcements like this from seasoned players. If you ever feel like crushing me in a infantry-only PBEM or live session, just let me know. ...but, playing a game and watching a game are 2 entirely different things (I could...
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    DR probability in Tuomo's Basic Infantry Example of Play

    Hi Seh, That earlier "2 ways of rolling 3,3" was not one of my better moments. Serves me right for trying to do stuff like this from work. I'm an engineer and am usually pretty intelligent but those earlier messages are embarassing. Mind you - I did get the flawed numbers to fit nicely...
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    Any Interest In A Newbie Tournament???

    I've been mulling this over for a few days. There seem to be quite a few people around learning the game again at the same time as I. I was wondering if there would be any interest in some of the new players banding together to play in a little slow-paced tournament to play some of the classic...
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    Multiple Questions

    Hi Sam & Fred, Thanks for the clarification. Found it in the Q & A. Much better! BTW, I was browsing through some scenarios the other day and I found the phrase "undisputed control" in one of the victory conditions (I think it was a BV one). This has to be a typo right? There's no such...
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    VASL 4.0 - version 1.1.5

    For #3, just drop the new counter in the middle of the HEX (not the top of the stack) and it will be deposited on top of the stack. For #1 - I'm not sure how older version of VASL behaved but what you say is true. I just bring the moving counters out one by one, build a second stack in the...
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    Newbie Question On Self-Rally

    ARGH! Looks like they fixed it. I have the version 1 rules ASOP. Does anyone know if the newer ASOP is available on any web-site? Looks like RB v2 might be appealing when it becomes available again.