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  1. apbills

    Today's VASL View From The Cheap Seats

    Per C6.51 "If an acquired target leaves its present Location and thereby goes out of the firer's LOS (as per 6.15; a free LOS check may be made to ascertain if this occurred), the ½" Acquired counter remains in the last Location that target occupied prior to leaving the acquirer's LOS." Even if...
  2. apbills

    Burning wreck on road

    The wording of B3.42 is pretty specific regarding what is doubled. Entry of the hex is not doubled, rather the wreck penalty is doubled. I would say no. 3.42 The one MP penalty for entering a hex already containing a vehicle/wreck is doubled to two MP per vehicle/wreck if entering that hex...
  3. apbills

    IFT attack on Concealed BU AFV

    IMO it would be clearer if A9.61 had errata changing "without any form of halved FP penalty imposed " to "without any provision of Area Fire imposed" so that it ties directly with the language in C.4. The intent is there, the disconnect is the use of two different wordings trying to say the same...
  4. apbills

    Dice images in VASL/VASSAL

    I am not sure what you mean, however, when I updated the image in my test all I did was ... Change the vmod extension to a zip extension delete the image file from the zip file add the new, identically named, image file to the same spot in the zip file change the zip extension to a vmod...
  5. apbills

    D9.4 / B25.2 Wreck/vehicle Hindrance

    I never do this correctly, and I have a strange situation in a VASL game. There are two situations with multiple wrecks/AFV in the same hex. The rules in question are D9.4 and B25.2. D9.4 "There is a +1 Hindrance DRM to a same-level LOS for firing through (not just into or out of) a hex...
  6. apbills

    Dice images in VASL/VASSAL

    I am not sure what you are looking at since it is completely different for my vmod. After extracting all the files in the vmod, I see the following folders. Note that I created a 'working/Dice' folder to put them in. After opening the 'images' folder I see this. It has each of the...
  7. apbills

    Dice images in VASL/VASSAL

    I increased the size of the black '1' die image, from the 0.271 inches to 0.4 inches and then inserted it back into the vmod file. Opened up the new version and rolled until I got the '1' on the black die. Seemed to work just fine. Below is the comparison in size. Note that all I did was...
  8. apbills

    Landing craft Note F

    If you take a hypothetical shot at the landing craft, any LOF that would be considered a side target facing. In the example given, only LOS 'C'. Any LOS entering the hex across the E8: D8 or E8:F7 hexsides. Off the top of my head, I think I would interpret D3.2 "If the LOS of the firing unit...
  9. apbills

    Pushing an Abandoned Vehicle?

    Shoot at it, make it a wreck, and then push it out of play. Capture it in CC and drive it away. An impromptu, but temporary roadblock for sure.
  10. apbills

    Issues with latest version on a Mac?

    I think the first "-Chatter font changed" is from VASSAL and appears whenever your font preferences are not the defaults. I have never had the chatter extension and it shows up everytime due to me having larger fonts and various colors in my preferences. You will notice that in the chat window...
  11. apbills

    Unpossessed support weapons

    In my experience the order of units in a stack is constantly getting reordered as units move around, especially in high density counter situations. A few reasons: Reorder to get concealed units on the bottom when they move into a Location Reorder to get units marked with a cx on the bottom to...
  12. apbills

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    @DougRim , After looking into the Smoke Hindrance problem I also realized I did not add any Hindrance code to the DZSME Cow counters. Please add this issue to the list for 6.6.7 and let me know when you would like the updated counter. Thanks.
  13. apbills

    Unpossessed support weapons

    I don't disagree that the old list had its uses, however, in large CGs I want to see the board anyway so I can determine which broken dudes I deem more important to self-rally. And, given I want to communicate where I am performing an action to my opponent, I am already clicking on the hex to...
  14. apbills

    Unpossessed support weapons

    Typo's suck. That would be "malfed Gun" on the toolbar. Just before the Sniper Finder button. I use it every RPh.
  15. apbills

    Ignore original rout destination when seeing new KEU?

    It appears that way and maybe missed due to misinterpreting "A routing unit may also ignore a building/woods hex if that hex is no farther from a Known enemy unit than its starting hex, " as meaning the starting hex at the beginning of the RtPh instead of the hex where it was required to...
  16. apbills

    Ignore original rout destination when seeing new KEU?

    How can K4 become the rout target? In the situation presented, I8 MUST be the initial rout target (3MF). If the unit routs to I7, now seeing the 548, after interdiction (and assuming it is not pinned) it must once more determine a rout target, which in this case MUST be K7 (3MF). It can then...
  17. apbills

    Stream/Woods (or Gully/Woods) as Rout Destination

    Are you now onboard with a road-woods hex is a "terrain feature"? I have no idea how you got to bypassing the woods on the road, never even proposed that, was never part of the conversation until your post. What is in question, is the interpretation of this part of A4.3 "Bypass cannot be used...
  18. apbills

    Resource size limitations

  19. apbills

    Text not appearing

    I just tested this and can confirm. no dice images, no text. Dice images, text.
  20. apbills

    Board 23 issue

    Arrow up/down controls the level of the end hex of your LOS string, CTRL+Arrow up/down controls the beginning hex.