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  1. Philippe D.

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Duh! You're perfectly right, we played it with the wrong orientation (I'd blame my opponent who prepared the setup, but I never checked...) Seen this way, there are no safe passages for the Germans, and the Americans have ways to at least force a fight. They'll still have to split their force...
  2. Philippe D.

    Nationality SW/Crew usage

    You get self-rallying MMC in case you want to place some weapons in a place where they might get attacked, but don't have the leaders to rally them if things go wrong. Or, you get spare crews for your guns. Now there might also be a historical reason for them to be included in the scenario OB...
  3. Philippe D.

    A4.52 MFs with DT MMC and non-DT leader

    You count the MF available to each unit; in the end the stack will only be able to spend the minimum of the two results. The leader has 6MF, no questions asked. The MMC has 4MF, +2 for Double Time, +2 for the leader bonus, -2 for PP (5PP vs 2 IPC and 1 IPC of the leader helping), so that's 6MF.
  4. Philippe D.

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Played SM6 Sound and Fury, trying to get some experience on the Sainte-Mère map for a future CG and some much-needed experience with Night rules. Problem is, unless we missed some major thing rules-wise, this scenario is completely broken. The US (defender) setup is limited to 5 hexes from some...
  5. Philippe D.

    New ASL Journal announces Twilight of the Reich

    I think each player has his own tolerance level to additional chrome. Sure each battle has its own special traits, but a really great design will manage to include them as small, simple to apply tweaks to the system - IMHO. I don't think Hatten is ASL lite. It is the only HASL where I have...
  6. Philippe D.

    Counter Storage recommendations

    Looks like a hell of a good design work. Does he print the tops with different layers for different colors?
  7. Philippe D.

    How have you handled MP-costs of VCA-changes on Woods Roads (B13.41) in the past?

    You start with target size, and then comes another brilliant idea: the penalty should also depend on gun barrel length. Pretty soon, you get a new table to cross-reference vehicle size and barrel length for the exact penalty. All for a rule that comes up in 1% of games, and for MP values that...
  8. Philippe D.

    Gaps in Bocage (DZ:SMA related)

    You're (as usual) right (so the "gap" rule actually only alters TEM). Walls/hedges are a tricky thing though, because of the "hexside, inclusive of vertices" provision - though B9.1 does point out the gap exception. So, if an occasional wall/hedge/bocage depiction does not extend to the vertex...
  9. Philippe D.

    Gaps in Bocage (DZ:SMA related)

    OK, so Perry seems to say that gaps do change LOS and not just TEM. Thanks.
  10. Philippe D.

    Gaps in Bocage (DZ:SMA related)

    Sainte-Mère-Église has lost of gaps in Bocage hexsides, and I am wondering how these interact with the LOS-blocking feature of Bocage. Normally, LOS through a Bocage hexside is blocked when it doesn't cross either hex's hexside. But what if that LOS is through a Gap in the Bocage? (Actually...
  11. Philippe D.

    BoF14 VC question

    I would read this as meaning that having 2 GO SE in building A, or in building B, or in each, is a win. The word "each" is there so that having a total of 2 SE in the two buildings is not enough - if you have 1.5 SE in building A and 1 SE in building B, you don't win.
  12. Philippe D.

    ASL scenarios featuring close relatives

    My own paternal grandfather was a young officer in the French army and was made a prisoner after the '40 campaign, but I don't know if he was in any combat before that. Both he and my grandmother are long gone, and even my father passed away a few years ago, so I don't think I'll ever know (some...
  13. Philippe D.

    D6.2 RIDERS

    True, though Area Fire and Area Target Type come up in a large proportion of games, so you get to confuse the two at the beginning, then you (should) remember the difference.
  14. Philippe D.

    D6.2 RIDERS

    You've got to question the decision, made some 35+ years ago, to use the same word "Mud" to describe two different situations (not equivalent, though one implies the other, just to make things simpler), both of which are rather rare in scenarios. I mean, they did pick separate expressions to...
  15. Philippe D.

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Played Hueishan Docks (BFP29) over a few VASL sessions. I was the (defending, then counter-attacking) Japanese. This is a real meaty scenario. In a very crowded urban (BFP-made) map, the Chinese need to seize at least 6 of 10 buildings sitting along the docks. For this, they have more than 30...
  16. Philippe D.

    FT 315 Stumbling Colossus: Russian OB

    Thanks! (not surprised, but just checking)
  17. Philippe D.

    Stack movement (Infantry) and breaking up

    That's it exactly. For this to be legal, the squad cannot use more than 3MF (4MF -1 to allow Assault Move), so cannot place Smoke in an adjacent hex unless the movement was 1MF. So, assuming 2MF hexes, moving the squad first, then the leader (not using stack movement at all), the leader's total...
  18. Philippe D.

    FT 315 Stumbling Colossus: Russian OB

    In this nice-looking scenario from the latest FTC12, the Russian OB includes 4 crewed weapons (2 ART Guns and 2 82mm MTRs, though these are dm initially) but only 2 crews. Is this intentional, or is it an error?
  19. Philippe D.

    Assault movement and Non-Assault movement in same stack?

    That's one good example of the kind of trick I had in mind, though it would look better with German Assault Engineers who have a much better chance of smoke grenades :)
  20. Philippe D.

    Stack movement (Infantry) and breaking up

    Agreed on this. There are a few situations where you might want to already be in the hex before the opponent is likely to fire and leave residual FP, or before another unit places Smoke (which would increase MF cost). One case I had in mind: a squad and leader with DC, concealed, Assault Move...