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  1. Manilianus

    2021 Beyond Valor Font

    Yes, I remember I was asking Klas Malmström about it and he confirmed.
  2. Manilianus

    Shanghaid, the port for hijacked threads

    SK 2 done, I've noticed some small "milky" effect on sides of couple of Italian counters, but otherwise it's fine. All in all this is pretty reversable, so I might just scrap gently the varnish off and repeat the process.
  3. Manilianus

    Shanghaid, the port for hijacked threads

    I've made it! Starter Kit 1 sprayed, clipped and sorted into a GMT tray (figured out it'll be better choice for SK counters than Raaco). Before spraying: After spraying: Before and after clipping: Sorted into GMT tray: Overall an hour of spraying, two hours of drying, and an hour...
  4. Manilianus

    Shanghaid, the port for hijacked threads

    This week I was diagnosed with depression, ended up on sick leave and medications, today I've taken my first dose. To lessen the anxiety of potential side effects of taking pills, and lighten up the mood in general, I've decided that today is the day that I'm gonna spray me some countersheets -...
  5. Manilianus

    Dice Tower

    Decided this month that I'm going to take the leap and buy one, too - saw them on the net and fell in love instantly!
  6. Manilianus

    Movie and tv titles and quotes ASLified

    So that's how you got 7k posts in 3 years...!
  7. Manilianus

    ASL World Olympic Games

    As a side note, I always thought that ASLOK is an equivalent of Olympics, i.e. it's the most prestige and worldwide (as far as such games can be) tournament. Plus lots of animal tranquilizers in the Psycho era...
  8. Manilianus

    Games You Are Playing not named Advanced Squad Leader

    The One Ring RPG, plus couple of other RPG's with my non-wargaming friends. And going to start my first Up Front soon. I'm going to look into OCS/GTS, Johnny Reb / Across a Deadly Field games, too.
  9. Manilianus

    Places to Buy MMP Games Fort Gier is a Polish vendor for MMP, among others. Outstanding customer service. They have a site in English, too - no idea whether or not they ship within EU, but they're more than happy to help, I'm sure.
  10. Manilianus

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Hakkaa Päälle!, Drop Zone: Sainte-Mère-Église, ASL Journal #13, Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #14 and Overlay Bundle.
  11. Manilianus

    Manilianus and Vehicles/Ordnance IRL thread

    So, to continue the thread, a bit of a film history. There's this Polish TV series from the 60's, "Czterej pancerni i pies", "Four Tank-Men and a Dog", based on the book by late Janusz Przymanowski, former military officer and WW2 veteran. The series revolve around the crew of T-34 tank in...
  12. Manilianus

    Fellow ASL'r Needs Your Prayers

    Our contribution is a small thing compared to the great news that he's going - slowly, but surely - to get well.
  13. Manilianus

    Fellow ASL'r Needs Your Prayers

    You're the best, thank you.
  14. Manilianus

    Fellow ASL'r Needs Your Prayers

    Prayers and wishes for you, Chris, you can make it.
  15. Manilianus

    Counter Subset Depictions

    I guess that there's no "US forces decision" - we're talking about a psychological impact, which is immeasurable in game terms. Hence the morale level which indicates general approach of a particular army to fighting engagements (a resultant of training, practical use of chain of command...
  16. Manilianus

    2023 ASL Production Schedule

    Year I was thinking more of a comparison with "revised" Hollow Legions & co. graphical presentation.
  17. Manilianus

    2023 ASL Production Schedule

    Does this mean that the thread has become counter-intuitive...? :unsure: Anyways, I wonder whether we're going to see DB3 and AoO2, or AoO1 and DB4. Funny that BV is still in its old version throughout all these years.
  18. Manilianus

    2023 ASL Production Schedule

    A reprint of Armies of Oblivion will go on preorder; We are working on a reprint of Solitaire ASL; Doomed Battalions will go on reprint; Will those three be revised in some way (errata, new edition), or just a straight reprint?
  19. Manilianus

    SKU numbers for ASL

    Is there a list of SKU/EAN numbers or their respectives for AH/MMP products to help differentiate between them? As I see, not every module has even a barcode, but I guess that MMP has to have some sort of nomenclature to help them categorize each game/add-on they have in stock.