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  1. JoeArthur

    What ASL nickname would you want or not want to have?

    I would like to be known as "lucky bastard" but unfortunately my dice and the VASL dicebot have other ideas :rolleyes:
  2. JoeArthur

    New ASL Journal announces Twilight of the Reich

    I playtested a few of these. Bill struck me as a great bloke but a bit touchy on feedback. It's really good of him to add to the hobby. He's not making any money on it - it's another labour of love. I suggested he follow Hatten in Flames which has a minimum of new rules and can be played out...
  3. JoeArthur

    #87 Operation Iron Fist

    OK I did not guess that it was going to be a computer generated scenario. It's all hype and we have been here before: Mind you - I'm the bloke that thinks that Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme :rolleyes: Condolonces Martin. The days of talking to people who...
  4. JoeArthur

    #86 Task Force Darby

    Yes, without VASL I would not be playing any ASL. Stuck out here in East Kent face to face opponents are non-existent. I'd be happy to pay GBP£10 a year to the people who look after it all. If we all did it maybe they could take their wifes out for a good meal on the proceeds...
  5. JoeArthur

    Work has renewed on my Iwo Jima module.

    My two cents - keep the HASL simple. Do not create any more new rules. Like the rules for cows in the recent St Mere Eglise module. Please don't do it - ASL is bad enough as it is......
  6. JoeArthur

    AI-generated ASL geoboards?

    Gents, AI is all hype - we have been here before: I only know that as I was talking to a bloke from Google who worked in the AI bit. He said he got the job as there were so few people who knew anything about the subject :rolleyes: Mind you, I have been...
  7. JoeArthur

    ASL World Olympic Games

    And I thought it was just the Scottish who did that sort of thing:
  8. JoeArthur

    Games You Are Playing not named Advanced Squad Leader

    One night a week I go to a games club and make like a parasite - I just play whatever is going. This week was: The quality of modern board games is just so good - both in the manufacture and the thought that has gone into them. At the...
  9. JoeArthur

    Urgent Help needed

    You work for nothing and you are apologizing?
  10. JoeArthur

    #85 The Good Shepherd

    Watching that lot I have to agree with Mr Desperation Morale who stated that given the small (in hexes) boards there is not much room for manoeuver and they tend to be bloody affairs. Many thanks for more content gents 👍
  11. JoeArthur

    Meaning of Le Franc Tireur

    So - I was watching a documentary on the First World War and it mentioned the Le Franc Tireur. They were French civilian snipers that arose in the Franco Prussian war. The Germans carried the memory into WWI and used them as an excuse to shoot Belgian civilians...
  12. JoeArthur

    Dare Death question

    I'll let you take that one up with Perry Martin :D
  13. JoeArthur

    Dare Death question

    The reply from Perry: It has a Designated Target, which is not influenced by other enemy units. ....Perry MMP Also posted in the Perry says thread.
  14. JoeArthur

    Dare Death squads question

    In response to this question: G18.6: "The berserk MMC must then charge that enemy unit (now considered its Designated Target) and attempt to enter its Location." Does this mean that the now berserk dare death squad ignores the normal rules for a berserk charge? For instance if during movement...
  15. JoeArthur

    Dare Death question

    Sent a message to MMP - if I get an answer I'll post it here.
  16. JoeArthur

    Scenarios Seemingly DESIGNED To Cause A Major PMC

    My claim to fame - Martin was so worried about that scenario he had a sleepless night :LOL: Bugger still won.....................
  17. JoeArthur

    VASLeague 2023

    Just finished Possl's Posse with Jeff Wasserman. Really good bloke, good scenario - great fun. Not so much fun for Jeff. 8 morale troops are usually great but when your average MC is a 9 they are not so good.................every MC he had to take his troops broke. Then to add to his joy two...
  18. JoeArthur

    Dare Death question

    Stumbled acroos this in "Tips from the Trenches" - the trouble is these article have been known to be wrong :rolleyes: ASL Journal 12, page 11. The Chinese player (whether G.M.D. or Red Chinese) may secretly designate up to 10% of the (non-5-3-7) squads (only) in his OB as Dare-Death squads...
  19. JoeArthur

    Testing some MMP dice

    Please just use precision dice and enjoy this wonderful game :D
  20. JoeArthur

    Your top five dream team opponents

    OK - the trouble doing lists like that Ian is the people who are not on them might get upset :unsure: Luckily that's not me.................. Hopefully see you at Double One.