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    New ASL Journal announces Twilight of the Reich

    If the game module is using standard mapboards or the a/b mapboards, it is a scenario pack. If the game module uses mapsheets, it can be considered a HASL.
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    All I know is, DO NOT invest in the Skynet program!
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    What ASL nickname would you want or not want to have?

    Nicknames can only be bestowed upon by your opponent(s) and/or gaming buddies. If you have a tendency to roll high [or low] in a critical game phase, you could be nicknamed "Mr. Lucky" {depending upon the roll}.
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    A4.52 MFs with DT MMC and non-DT leader

    Bill Mauldin cartoon: Willy says to Joe "Ya wouldn't be so tired if ya didn't carry all that junk. Get rid of the joker in your deck of cards."
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    5/30/23, received my ASL Journal 14.
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    Movie and tv titles and quotes ASLified

    The Magnificent 'Seven' DR A Fistful of DRs For a Few DRs More The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - Tourney Memories The Big 'Red' One dr The Wind Change DRs of War
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    The ASL Word of the Day

    Perfect word to describe my dice-rolling at Enfilade!
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    MMP Journal 14 - Pre-Order is UP!

    Went to Enfilade over Memorial Day weekend. Asked my best friend if I could check Yahoo on his IPad for any messages from MMP. There was, my order had shipped on 5/24/23. I always put my mail on hold when I am out of town (no porch pirating), so should receive it today 5/30/23!
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    New ASL Journal announces Twilight of the Reich

    The pre-order announcement for "Twilight of the Reich" will occur on a Monday.
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    Movie and tv titles and quotes ASLified

    Starsky and ASL Hutch
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    Movie and tv titles and quotes ASLified

    S.W.A.T. - Special Weapons notes and Techniques
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    MMP Journal 14 - Pre-Order is UP!

    Bonzer news, that pre-order shipping has begun. Even better bonzer news will be when I get my shipping notification from MMP!!
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    MMP Journal 14 - Pre-Order is UP!

    ASLSK EP #3 is worth getting, if only for the mapboards {after all, a few regular ASL scenarios use ASLSK mapboards!}.
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    Wooden Infantry Bridges

    The term "bullet funnel" does come to mind.
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    Old expressions, ASLified

    The gears of Ajudication grind exceedingly slow.
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    Altering songs for ASL: The Weird Al Effect

    the Night they broke that DC down - Volk singer
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    Valor of the Guards Q&A

    36 pack from the Home Depot
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    On the Table: SM 11 Ridgways Mission

    So, it was "hold the meat"?
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    East Front is lacking - design feedback wanted

    "Panzer Battles" by F. W. von Mellenthin describes a German encounter with a balka.
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    Advertising Jingles ASLified

    ASL goes better with Rate of Fire, ASL goes better with Rate!